We would like to Welcome the big homie Tray Dee back home from doing a decade bid. From the looks of it, He seemed to have wasted no time at getting in the booth. This 23 track collection showcases the OG what he does best and thats kicking those gangsta rhymes over funky beats. Hosted by DJ Kay Slay and features his commrad Big Petey. This was a long time coming for fans whom were yearning for that Funk Gangsta Sound. Enjoy!


01) G-Thang – Big Petey
02) LA County – Big Petey
03) Street Official – Big Tray Deee
04) Motto – JJ88, Big Petey, Big Tray Deee
05) They Rather Kill Me – Big Beatz, Big Tray Deee
06) C.R.I.P – Big Petey
07) Fabricated G’s – Big Tray Deee
08) Gun Play – Petey, Big Tray Deee
09) No New Friends – JJ88, Big Tray Deee
10) Paid In Full – Big Tray Deee
11) Po-Up -Big Petey, C-Foe
12) Gangstaz & Hippies – Spanky Danky,G-Nuk
13) Pants Saggg – Big Petey
14) I’m From – Big Petey, C-Bird
15) Saviii – Big Petey
16) Die For My Set – Big Petey, Big Tray Deee
17) Box Full Of Letters – Big Petey, Big Tray Deee
18) Position Of Power – Big Tray Deee
19) Goin In – Big Tray Deee, G-Nuk
20) Gang Bang Music – Big Petey, Big Tray Deee
21) Real Hip Hop – JJ88, Big Petey
22) Baby Had Azzz – Big Petey, JJ88 & Big Tray Deee
23) L.B.S.O.M – C-Streetz, Big Petey


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