Freddie Gibbs and Madlib- Cocaine Pinata Review


Freddie Gibbs at this point should have been riding the wave as one of Hip Hop’s newest sensations. When he signed his name on the dotted line to Young Jeezy’s Imprint CTE in 2011, Many thought that this was gonna be the break that Gibbs finally needed to really show his craft to a new audience. He has already won the streets alongside the real hip hop heads with releases such as Str8 Killa EP, Cold Day In Hell and Babyface Killa. Him signing to Jeezy would have most likely gave him a new audience and he would finally recognize his dream of blowing up like many others.

But instead Gibbs was abandoned by Jeezy. He didn’t really attempt to push Gibbs into the next level or do his job of re-developing him into a star. The Snowman instead took a position at Atlantic as a Vice President as well as focused on keeping his solo career effect. This led to a nasty fall out and Gibbs parted ways bitterly late last year from Jeezy and CTE.

Gibbs took his feelings to wax and expressed his true feelings about his former Boss. The Track Real touches on every aspect from Jeezy dropping the ball on his career, talking about how his gangsta image is a farce and brought up incidents of him doing nothing when seeing Gucci Mane or responding to Rick Ross’s jabs. Theres a high possibility that Jeezy may respond considering his credibility is on the ropes but regardless, This was a hard-hitting diss record that needs a response by Jeezy as soon as possible.

The Good thing about Cocaine Pinata is that Freddie Gibbs didn’t take the whole album to spill sour feelings about his employer. He actually took his new form platform as an opportunity to show that he deserves to be mentioned as one of the best to do it today. He linked up with Producer Mad-lib to give him such a rich layered soulful sound that gives the album a feel of a 70’s Blaxploitation movie. Even though he trades bars with veterans Raekwon and Scarface respectfully on tracks such as Bomb and Broken. Gibbs is clearly the star here and Cocaine Pinata is a perfect example of when simplicity works perfectly. Especially when the rapper and producer have unique chemistry.

What makes Gibbs a extraordinary rapper is that he knows how to paint vivid pictures of the street life of Gary Indiana without being truly boastful to obtain a hardcore image.This album showcases how his pen game has certainly improved over the years. Between jumping in that fine line of illustrating how real the game can be on the tracks “Scarface” and “Thugging.

He also isn’t afraid to show his vulnerabilities on tracks such as track Deeper which is backed with the extraordinary soul sample reminsicies of early Pete Rock is the perfect musical landscape for Gibbs to really bare his testimonies of maintaining a relationship while being in the grind. My personal favorite track through the whole album is Shitsville where he talks about how everyone is battling different vices and point the finger at him because their no different than him. There are also cool songs such as The Lakers and Knicks where its clear that Gibbs is just having fun out there with Mad Lib’s laid back feel good mid 70s feel. Especially when he pokes fun of the Knicks even though he labels a song after them.

This album is perfect in every aspect: Storytelling, Production, The Guests hold their own weight, Scathing Diss Records and The fact that the album flowed together cohesively like a movie makes it a standout as a possible classic. It may not get the national acclaim considering how serious the game has changed and did a 380. However if you’re a fan of dope hip hop music, Both Gibbs and Madlib have served up a classic dish thats worth checking.

Vic Rating 10 outta 10

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