Cyhi The Prince-Black Histori Review


The Project is possibly one of the important releases in recent memory. One of the reasons being that This project for one is executive produced by Kanye West whom while is currently is going through the egotistical career change stage still has a great mind when it comes to music. He uses one of his G.O.O.D. Music artists Cyhi The Prince to reach the youth by delivering a mixtape thats a rarity in today’s world. Not a mixtape about strippers, getting money, fast cars or selling keys. But BLACK HISTORY.

Cyhi the Prince been down with G.O.O.D. Music for a while now, He had an eye-catching verse on the all-star collaboration titled So Appealed which gave him a little light along with penning some of the verses on Ye’s My Dark And Twisted Fantasy and Yeezus albums. With Big Sean flopping, Kid Cudi leaving, Common catching the acting bug and Pusha T coming off releasing one of the best hip hop albums of the year, This was the perfect time for Cyhi the Prince to showcase his worth and to prove that he deserves to be in the new class of spitters.

Starting off with the Tape’s first single and video titled Huey where he pays homage to legendary freedom fighter and organizer of the Original Black Panther Party Huey P Newton. The Video. This is the perfect way to introduce Cyhi into the streets and he showed that he isn’t take no prisoners amongst his non-rapping peers in Atlanta with lines such as: Can’t another rapper come out the A if he not lyrical

The theme has Kanye’s direction written all over it. The Musical elements are reminisces of a mixture between College Drop Out and Late Registration with its sound message and the project balancing between soulful, jazzy, and thought-provoking bars from Cyhi himself. He takes time to educate the youngsters on people whom opened the door and showcased true songwriting creativity on Basquit by name dropping geniuses of all form of art while paying tribute to fallen figures, This song show that Cyhi is no longer set on being just a ghostwriter and 3rd string and that The Atlanta native sounds more focus and hungry than ever before. Most importantly, The Black History month theme is set throughout and never goes off its course. He also found ways to create conscious music without sounding too preachy or too contrived. February 29th, Napoleon, and Good Night where he cleverly rides the classic Outkast track titled SpottieOttieDopaLiscious are true standouts on the tape as well.

The Tape’s best track hands down is Mandela where he not only pays homage to the late fallen leader of South Africa, I love the apocalyptic theater feel that its supplied on here and shows that Cyhi is ready for the crunch time with his bars and sounds like the type of theme that could be used to set off a true revolution. This would be great usage for the Mandela movie that was released not too long ago.

Overall this was what should be considered a breath of fresh air for Hip Hop, Black Histori showcases Cyhi the Prince at his best and proves that the new generation has something to say as well. He also proved that the City of Atlanta has EMCEES(Not just trappers) that can make great hip hop music too. This project is definitely worth checking out, You won’t be disappointed.

Vic Rating: 9 outta 10

Vic Da Ruler

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