Necro and Kool G Rap- Once Upon a Crime Review


Very rare people know about Necro. Necro has built himself a serious cult following amongst the underground scene for the past several years. This due to the fact that dude’s straight In your face brutal rap style mixed with dark gothic like beats and in cases experiment with Death Metal has earned him his stripes as one of the hardest rappers in the Underground regardless of his skin color. I’ve always been more of a fan of Ill Bill’s work because Bill is more diverse with his subject manner but Necro hasn’t changed at all. His videos are viewed as often shockingly offensive(White Slavery is basically banned from the net) or will you find a Necro cut on 106 and Park. Necro’s unwillingness to compromise and keeping his sound “Brutal” is what kept his core feasting for more projects and this one featuring legendary Queens rhymes slinger Kool G Rap is a proven collab thats proven to work.

Between Wu Block, Czar, and Killer Mike/ELP. collaboration albums have built interest for artists and helped the opposite fans discover what they’ve truly missed out on. Kool G Rap has clearly not lost a step as he continues to deliver those vivid but dark Crime life narratives in Kool G fashion on songs such as Heart Attack, The Title Track, Omerta, and my personal city The City where He and Necro deliver some of the album’s best performances.

The theme for this album is mostly set by Necro and its that straight to the point/beat you in the face type of vibe with a very sinister feel. It may bore the typical rap fan whom’s expecting a club banger or something for the whip but thats not really what Necro does. He has a sick mind, His content is very graphic and not digestible to many but thats how he likes it. Kool G Rap proves that he’s not some washed up veteran who’s clinging on to past glory. One of my favorite personally is actually the album’s first single titled Heart Attack which is the perfect way to introduce the duo.

Overall this is a great offering. Necro’s production can get a bit tiresome but it’s still a strong offering nevertheless. I’m looking forward to more work from these two in the future.

Vic Rating: 8.0 outta 10

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