How the Industry Disciplines Blacks Part 3(Featuring Michael Jackson)


“That’s too much power for one man to have”
The Police Chief from the Movie Malcolm X

Michael Joseph’s Jackson rise from adoring “Child singer” to “Mega superstar” is something that could be described as nothing more than monumental, You will never see it again in the Music Industry. He broke endless records, crossed over color boundaries and re-revolutionized the music business throughout the late 70s and throughout the 80s. What made Micheal’s reign so impeccable was the fact that Many artists have struggled to grow out of their adolescence and reach new fans crossing into adult hood. Michael Jackson was just that gifted of an artist to where his music today has translated into 4 decades.

Never in anyone’s(including Michael) wildest imaginations would think that his life would since go on such a roller coaster ride, A ride that would sadly have tragic end on June 25th 2009. The question is how did Michael go so far? What moves did he make to really force the hand for him to get possibly dealt? This article will answer many of those questions.


The Beatles Publishing

In 1982 Michael befriended Beatles member Paul McCartney. The two became pals and did a collaboration on Micheal’s Thriller album titled “The Girl is Mine” and later collaberated for “Say Say Say” . Michael later on grew curious of acquiring assets in publishing because he knew that music royalties weren’t gonna last. Even though he would later sign one of the best deals in the Industry, Michael knew from experience what its like to deal with Industry politics. The Jackson 5 were getting gaffed by Motown and left with no ownership of their name. Their Father Joseph whom was also the group’s manager was taking a chunk of the groups royalties leaving Michael with only one cent out of every record sold as a member of The Jackson 5.

His early industry experience as a youngster helped grow his knowledge of how it works and he knew how to play his hand. One of the first major unheard moves at the time was how he bought the Beatles publishing right from his friend Paul McCartney. McCartney and Michael would fall out due to this incident but as Michael would say, It was “good business”.

The original article:,0,452154.story?page=1#axzz2qFPkG8Gi

This was a power-move that was very unheard of at the time. To make a long story short. The Beatles Catalog would be a lifetime residual income for Michael Jackson. This means that anytime a Beatles licensed song would get played on radio, video, video games,commercials, or sampled by any artist. Michael Jackson would get paid.

Position of Power

When Michael’s 3rd album titled BAD was released on August 31st 1985, The reception towards the project were met with positive reviews. It was also a clear-view that Michael’s life has changed dramatically since Thriller. BAD officially cemented himself as a cultural icon as he would establish himself to be come a bigger name internationally with the BAD World-Tour.

He was also riding high off the assets he collected from the Beatles Catalog and bought himself his own amusement park called Neverland to relive the childhood that he lost on his path to success. Not all the Glam-our were always gold in Micheal’s world at that time. He was possibly the biggest Icon in the world, He was adored by millions across the globe, One of the few artists that were invited to speak with World Leaders and breaking records in a pace that’s unheard of. The criticism that he would receive from tabloids would always tear bring out his true insecurities.

Michael during this period built such a God-like mystique within his image himself that many begin the wonder how he received that gift and that power to draw enormous crowds and have them follow him as if he was God-like. Michael was a VERY intelligent man and very avid reader. He also knew how to soak up knowledge like a sponge. Even when his father Joe Jackson was abusive, He still took everything he taught and used it to his advantage.

Michael also studied everyone from world leaders to even Adolf Hitler and possibly Occultist Alister Crowley on how to hypnotize crowds into following and idealizing your modern image which eventually became a strong accusation years later with his Dangerous album Cover.

It’s very unsure that Michael was a follower of Crowley’s teachings but speculation is open for the possibilities that he did at one point in his life to cease power. There wasn’t an entertainer that gotten a Jesus like reception in the 80s in the fashion Michael did and that was a reflection of him possibly studying Crowley’s books. What opened up more to the possible conspiracy is that Alister Crowley’s picture is also featured on The Beatles album Sgt Pepper as one of the figures they idolize. Ironically The Beatles became one of the biggest bands in Pop Culture history and then Paul McCartney connected with Michael whom became the biggest star of the 1980s with McCartney getting a feature on Micheal’s biggest album. A coincidence or possible connection with the Crowley teachings?

It could be also the case that the Record labels seen Michael as a money-making machine and they wanted to milk everything they can out of their hottest commodity. His bizarro image was what drew because he was marketed as something “out of this world” and made him a star. But it also opened up the floodgates of criticism that would plague his career and eventually his life in his latter years. Rumors of him sleeping in Oxygen chambers, him purchasing the elephant man’s bones, and the plastic surgeries. Michael barked back at his critics whom were slandering him on Leave Me Alone:


Selling Out?

“After a while Michael Jackson didn’t work, The people didn’t believe the hype, They didn’t even care. They didn’t feel it with all of that wanna be shy nonsense, People wont checking for that no more. Rap Made it Gritty.

Doug Young
(Former Record promoter for Death Row Records)

As the 80s came to a close and the 90s emerged, The Musical landscape had changed. Gangsta Rap was starting to becoming more of the voice for Black People because it spoke to the streets and the everyday struggling Young Black male or female. Michael’s career was also hitting a crossroads going into the 90s along with many whom had to find ways to re-invent themselves.

Just like Prince, Michael would suffer the same disconnection from his Black Audience and thats due to his fame. It didn’t help any wonders that he was doing public luncheons with then evil Presidents to the Black Community Ronald Regan and then George Bush Sr. which were considered sellout moves at the time.

The Nucleus of Micheal’s backlash from the Black Community mainly came from the perception of him “bleaching his skin” or trying to “become White”(which Michael denied). The rumors were even go into extreme measures that Michael wanted a White kid to dance in his Pepsi commercial instead of Alfonso Ribero(which Michael denied in the Oprah interview). Even Michael and his brother Jermaine had a fall out over accusations of Michael stealing Jermaine producers for his album, Jermaine even released a “diss record” towards his estranged brother. Calling him a sellout, how he forgot where he came from and going as far as to say he wanted to be white:

When Prince faced that same dilemma in losing his connection. He arrogantly downplayed it and continued to release what he wanted which led to him to eventually fade out quick in the mid 90s. Michael knew he had much more to lose than Prince did because He was a much bigger star. So he had to speak to the audience he risked losing and this is what inspired his to gain his fourth album titled Dangerous.


The Media has never been fair to Michael since his flourishing throughout the 80s. The stories made to slander him have become myths becoming factual because Michael didn’t have the best PR team to fight these battles for him. What media(both black and white) failed to cover is that Michael has NEVER stopped giving back to his people in different ways. He bought and GAVE Little Richard his lost publishing back with NO charge, A move never seen by no Black Musician.

Micheal’s main focus on the Dangerous album was to show that he has admiration for the Black culture and that he cared about many of the issues that Afro American’s were facing. Everything from Racism, Poverty, plaguing diseases, and professing his love for African Culture. The single Black and White was Michael most bold approach at tackling a serious topic in regarding race. It was even banned and censored on most channels.

The power moves Michael was making(Taking the Beatles publishing, Giving Little Richard his publishing back, Doing a video where he lashes against racism and transform into a Black Panther) Michael was playing hardball. The Dangerous Cover(as posted above) could have been Micheal’s attempt at revealing the wolves in sheep clothing.

What made Michael a total legitimate threat is the fact that He soaked up alot of knowledge from the enemies idols(Hitler, Crowley). Mix that with his take no prisoners business approach This represented a TRUE THREAT to artists using their power to open people eyes and open doors so the middle man wouldn’t eventually be a factor. Dangerous ended up being one of Michael’s best albums to date, He adapted more of the New Jack Swing/hip hop feel showing that he never looked down on Hip Hop like many artist of his caliber would.

Michael Jackson

The Fall of the King

Over the last decade since purchasing the Beatles catalog Michael had to fight critics and stories slandering his image and his name. But being that Michael was Sony’s cash cow and followed the script, He posed as no serious threat to them. The music he made at the time were classics but they never bucked the system like the Rap groups(NWA and Public Enemy) were doing.

It’s when Michael found that he was losing his core is where the trouble started to set in his life. The Power moves that he made over the years infuriated alot of the suits within these big labels in the Music Business. Michael had signed one of the biggest contracts in the music business and earned more royalties than an artist with a slave deal. The scary part about this was that within a decade in a half, Michael has broken every record set by white musicians. He’s bought a catalog from possibly the biggest white band out there thats worth billions in assets and used alot of that leverage to gain deserved royalties for Black artists whom got caught in the enslaved contracts.

Michael was playing hardball like any ruthless Jewish executive and was giving back in return. Michael also had enough pull to possibly set up his own distribution to where he didn’t even need a middle man and would possibly be a major player on the business side. He also had different races and cultures at the palm of his hand so if there wasn’t an individual that had the keys to open the door for freedom in the business, It was Michael.

They had to find a way to put Michael in his place, He refused to bow down before so they found a way to destroy him and it was through his image. Michael’s weirdness were always used as a marketing tool to make corporations and Zionists wealthy. This time they knew that they had to come up with something to destroy his image and thats what they did in the Summer of 1993.

The shocking allegations of Michael Jackson allegedly “molesting” 13-year-old Jordan Chandler spread like wildfire throughout the whole world. This would be the most devastating blow to Micheal’s image and the whole world that he had following him turned on him in an instant. These accusations would destroy Micheal’s career to where he would never been looked upon or seen again as a high regard. Looking obviously painfully heart winced and terrified by these accusations, Michael got on camera and pleaded his innocence to the world:

Micheal’s life was never the same after this incident. The Tabloids and media had a field day with the slander. He slowly started to become a punchline from every angle(. It was look upon that the King of Pop has fallen for good, The Accusations despite its inconsistencies and Chandlers recorded threats to bring Michael down became obsolete to the general public and Michael would wear the stigma of “Child Molester” for not playing the game.



The Accusations took a strong toll on Micheal’s personal and professional life. It was what would many would say his “Nigger Wake up call”. The same people who once adored him as the King of Pop now called him a “freak” or a Pedophile”. The Industry heavyweights that were once apart of his wave slowly turned their backs on him, But he discovered that he had a following as he made a surprise entrance at the 1994 NAACP awards:

All of these events inspired what would be Micheal’s 6th album titled History: The Past, Present and Future. The First disc consisted of Micheal’s Greatest Hits throughout the early stages of his career. Between the smoking dance grooves, sensual pop ballads and smash singles that helped him achieve the highest of any Black Entertainer. It told a true story of Micheal’s life and showcased all of his highs.

The Second disc of History was a reflection of Micheal’s life at what was then the present. Post 1993 after the Child Molestation scandal. Michael took all of that rage, anger and poured it into 15 of his most personal songs to date. This was Micheal’s “Buck the System” album but it also told the tale of a man whom was tormented in a lonely world full of vultures.

The History album was Micheal’s cry for help in a world where he felt misjudged and crucified. He expressed Paranoia of the powers that be trying to get him on D.S., Money, and They Don’t Care About Us which was Micheal’s most militant song since Black and White. He became a huge target of the Jewish Community with lyrics such as :Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don’t you black or white me!

It seemed as if Micheal’s batteries were recharged and that he was ready to play hardball again. But with no strong support system like he did in the past, It was gonna be a heavy task for Michael to rebuild his brand.



After taking a six-year break from music, Michael felt it was the right time to return and started to work on a new album. He knew the demographic was changing so he wanted to re-introduce himself into a new generation of fans. He was hopeful that the horrendous Child molestation scandal and that fixed Marriage with Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley were forgotten and left in the past. He finally grew very optimistic as he thought he was gonna receive the masters of his albums in the early 2000s so He’ll be able to keep all the profits and be able to promote his product by his own wishes. Unfortunately he discovered hidden clauses amongst his contract which led to Michael instead receiving his masters many years later. Michael also did a prior investigation on his deal and found out that the attorney that represented him ALSO represented Sony as well.

This led to a nasty fall out between Michael and Sony and the momentum to Invincible was put on a halt. While Mottola as well as many critics wanted to quickly brush this off as basically that Michael was past his prime and the album was a disappointment. Micheal’s counterclaims proved Sony’s argument to be null and void. The Two Jackson 5 Reunion concerts at Madison Square Garden sold out within 5 HOURS tops and grossed 12 Million dollars.

The Comeback show which was televised by over 26 MILLION viewers broke Television records and showed that the world was ready to hear another album from the King of Pop. Michael also teamed up with all-stars to release a tribute to the Victims of the 9-11 tragedy which could have boosted heavy momentum going into Invincible. But Sony didn’t pull the plug and refused. The Numbers were there, The anticipation was heavy and the fans judging by the responses to his televised concerts were ready to embrace Michael. You may ask yourself “Why is Sony pulling these tactics on possibly the biggest star of all time?” The reality is that this is their way of showing discipline to those who get out of line with the script.

Michael outsmarted alot of these corporate suits and got more out of them then he was supposed too. He used leverage to get out of his Sony contract and Invincible in-spite of not having videos, strong marketing post release, or singles still did pretty solid numbers selling 2 million and 6 million worldwide. Sony seemed to have wanted Michael to rekindle the magic of 1983 and failed to operate on Micheal’s star power to connect him into the a new generation of fans.

Michael took the fight with Sony to the public. He made Pickett signs calling the Head Camacho of Sony Records Tony Mottola “the devil” and claiming he was a “racist”. He exposed the corrupt industry politics that have left many Black musicians penniless or enslaved to these big time labels. Michael even went as far as to claimed that Tony Mottola called Irv Gotti a “big fat Nigger” and said artists needed to form a union to fight for their ownership.


The Nail in the Coffin

The Timing for these events to be occurring in Micheal’s life so suddenly seemed to be so calculating. Every time he made a move, The Powers that be made sure that they find ways to put him back in line. It was weird to many seeing Michael signing autographs outside of shopping malls like some regular smuck instead of being treated as the biggest star in the world. Michael saw the writing on the wall and continued to fight this war with Sony. Michael still was a powerful voice and had enough leverage to provoke change so this posed as another threat.

The Powers That Be would want to take Michael out for good and set up the angle that would destroy his image for good. A Prime-time special featuring Michael Jackson talking about everything from his childhood, his career, his family and personal life was possibly one of the most watched segments in broadcast history. It seems as though every time Michael opens his mouth and reveals alot through interviews, He left himself as an open target to those whom were plotting to destroy him. The very cunning Bashir helped Michael let his guard down and opening talk for the first time in years. Throughout the interview, It was seemingly as Bashir was used as more as a decoy to set Michael up then to do a candid interview in many occasions. Obviously Michael never had no media training and its clear that Bashir played on his naiveness so he laid down the atmosphere where Michael indirectly sealed his own fate:

Micheal’s statements of having boys share his bed spread like a firestorm. What was so eerie is that Michael 10 years prior did a similar revealing interview to Oprah Winfrey about his personal life and shortly Child molestation accusations surfaced.Michael tried to release an interview stating that many portions of the interview was edited and meant to destroy his image but to little avail. The 10-year-old demons Michael thought he defeated surfaced once again which lead to his Neverland Ranch being raided and him being under arrest for Charges of Child Molestation once again. Michael was about to once again revisit the nightmare that he thought escaped.

Even after a grueling two-year trial where Michael this time decided to fight and was eventually acquitted. The damage had already been done to his credibility and reputation. He became a punchline to many comedians, cartoons, rappers, and Late Night Talk Show hosts once again with more venom. His music career was already in shambles due to his war with Sony and many of the artists whom praised him as “The King of Pop” or “a true inspiration” didn’t even stand up for him or support him out of fear of standing up for a “pedophile”.

The Trial clearly took a heavy toll on Michael. His image took a notorious beating and he became more frail than ever before, His face which had a delighting smile was often gloomy. Mixed with the fear of going to prison for life led to his depression and further triggered his addiction to pain killers and prescription drugs. Michael also suffered from Lupus and felt pain from the scalp burns from the hair burning incident in 1984 so that led to more drug usage over the years. He would disappear and go into exile for years after the verdict.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It"


With years spent away in Exile, It was unknown if We were ever gonna hear anything from Michael ever again. All of that changed when Michael made a surprising announcement in the spring of 2009 that he was returning with a new world tour titled “This is It”. He was gonna do 50 shows throughout the world and call the quits. It’s unknown that if it was even Michael on stage making the announcement because he had been in such terrible shape through the past several years.

Michael has always had his support though-out the world but seemingly always crucified in the U.S. which is possibly why he wanted to do an overseas tour. He also wanted to do a film showcasing the beautiful aspects of Africa in a Hidden Colors like format, He was turned down by Steven Spielberg and David Geffen.

June 25th 2009 would possibly go down as one of the darkest days in the history of music. It would be the day Michael Joseph Jackson would pass away. It seems surreal that the man whom was considered “larger than life” was actually gone. With all of the battles, obstacles, and demons he’s battled since stardom, We all wanted Michael to have a happy ending and ride off to the Sunset.


The reasoning’s behind his death was clear and evident. Michael Joseph Jackson posed as a legitimate threat to the establishment. Throughout the innocent, shy demeanor was a shrewd business who knew how to play hard ball like the Doug Morris’s and Lyor Colen’s of the world. Michael even scored another chess-move when he bought the publishing rights to Eminem’s track Just Lose it. A silly track in which the rapper mocked MJ’s child molestation accusation and facial features.

When Michael shook hands with the Regan’s and the Bush’s , It seemed to go well as planned. Michael posed no threat and entertained whites which doubled Sony’s dollars. The moment the brother really started giving back to his community, his people, and started exposing the truth to his audience was where his life turned into a pure hell.

Michael could have played the game like Diddy, JayZ, Oprah, Russell and many others whom are in the billion bracket by “playing it safe” But he chose to use his power for the influence and betterment of his people who is why he’s probably not here with us today.

Instead of following the media’s lies about him, laughing at UN-funny comics mocking him or his legend, We need to follow-up on what made MJ great because he was more GANGSTER than 95% of these rappers out now.

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  1. wenona nelson says:

    I read this article to get a feel for what you meant by how the industry disciplines Blacks but was unable to finish it due to various inconsistencies of the facts. I understand the angle and the approach and much of the meaning or inferences however there were some pretty unsupported ideas planted in to this piece but I believe the writer meant well. Please continue and fix some of the faulty personal opinions of the piece and it will be worth sharing on social media…..

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