Killa Cam-Ghetto Heaven Volume 1 Review


When I read on the that Camron was dropping a new mixtape. I was feeling a bit lukewarm about it. Cam hasn’t been impressing me as an artist within the past few years with flashes of the old Cam appearing here and there. I respect the fact that Cam kept the banner alive while Jimmy and Juelz dropped the ball, He also found ways to introduce new artists into the game(Vado) and staying on his grind.

The Bosses of Bosses series were solid but They seemed to have focused more on developing Vado for the prime time. Ghetto Heaven is Camron at his best. What made Camron so a distinct rapper is how he would say some of the wildest shit you could never imagine and at times sampling beats that you wouldn’t expect any rapper to sample. His flow isn’t as potent as it use to be considering those SDE days are gone But Ghetto Heaven Volume 1 has Cam revisiting the mindframe of what made him stand out.

Street Music is a Camron Specialty and he supplies many of it throughout Ghetto Heaven. The Intro takes a stab at the Industry and had people leaving messages on Cam’s phone begging him to come back. Songs such as Dat All, Told You Wrong, follow the classic Dipset recipe that we’ve missed over the years.

But when Camron takes artistic risks is where Ghetto Heaven stands out from many of his projects over the years. He hilariously raps over the classic Bone Thugs skit Me Killa and flips it with that unique Harlem lingo. He samples and flows throughout R&B cuts from Mary J Blige and Jodeci Respectfully on My Life and Come and Talk to Me thus re-introducing the classics. Cam also responds to JayZ’s slick shot from the track Pound Cake. He even goes out-of-bounds and samples the Lion King on Jungle which features M-Town hustler turned rapper Yo Gotti.

Murder Game is no question the album’s hardest track where Killa revisits the streets with what would have sounded lovely in the modern Dipset era. He even invited new spitters alongside Battle rap champ Loaded Lux on the posse cut Let Me Work.

Some of the skits on there I could do without and there are instances throughout where Cam sounds a bit tired or uninspired but neverthless Its been a long wait for people expecting some new Camron.

He still shows that he doesn’t need Jim Jones, Juelz or his former friends to make good music. Cam’s flow may be more relaxed these days due to age but content wise, He’s still the same ol Killa.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10

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