Top 5 reasons why P-Diddy is the WORST dancer in hip hop


Here`s what`s sad: Puffy be in all his artists` videos cause he wanted to be an entertainer and couldn`t make it. Then he wanna sit down with the white executives and talk about millions of dollars. You don`t see Tommy Mottola shakin` his ass in Mariah Carey`s videos. You don`t see Clive Davis in Whitney`s videos. You don`t see Jimmy Iovine all in Nine Inch Nails` sh!t. They just see him as a wanna be. He gives black entrepreneurs a bad name.”

Suge Knight

We Can’t say he wasn’t lying. Puff is known as many characteristics: Suave, Charismatic, ambitious, Snake, bad rapper, the list goes on and the opinions on Puff have often been complex. But theres one factual that NOBODY and maybe even Puff himself can’t deny. That this dude is possibly the WORST dancer in hip hop. These top 5 Videos are proof. Take that Take That!

1. The Live Performance from 1999

(Spent Black Rob’s budget on the Fireworks and did the RUNNING MAN)

2. PE 2000

(Flava Flav must have been really hurting for money. Puff made himself a official caricature with this video )

3. Missing You

(It’s bad enough he didn’t write his tribute to his deceased friend, He’s gonna dance on a tribute though?)

4.Survival of the Fittest

(Mobb Deep introduced listeners into the world of the chaotic Queensbridge projects and the way of life they were living. It was grim, dark, authentic and a timeless Hip Hop Classic. But some how in the midst of Prodigy’s tough talk and Hav’s boastful allegiance to his hood, Diddy finds a opportunity to find a way to DANCE Skip to the 3:05.

5. Lets Get it

(Sean had many reasons to want to really Diddy bop here. He had beaten-ed the Murder Case, Suge Knight was locked up, and he separated from J-Lo without losing a dime. Yep Life was good for Diddy around this period).

Hope yall enjoyed the good laughs!

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