Lord Jamar: Best Shoot interviews of 2013


Alot of people may not be familiar with Lord Jamar and don’t really recognize his contributions to the Culture. Alongside members Sadat X, Grand Puba, and two of their DJ’s DJ Sincere and DJ Alamo. They formed Band Nubian in 1989 and released What was known as a Hip Hop Classic by many with the album titled One For All in 1990. The group’s socially conscious and Pro Black rebel sound were perfect for the changing come of events that were happening during that period. Pro-Black activism in full swing due to Ice Cube’s release of AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet was getting national phrase.

Brand Nubian’s Controversial tracks Wake up and Drop The Bomb gave the group more attention and helped them 350,000 units. Its may not have been a platinum success but The Source(whom was credible) gave their album 5 mics.


The reason for this writeup is the acknowledge the masses of how Lord Jamar had quite the 2013. The member of the legendary 5%er group didn’t make noise through a Brand Nubian reunion or dropping a solo album. It was his 100% uncensored and UN-Politically Correct comment amongst his peers, The direction of hip hop, and most importantly White People’s involvement that gave him new notoriety. The interviews come across as Shoot Wrestling interviews but you can tell that their very authentic and you can’t help but to tip your hat to Jamar for keeping it real with himself.

In a time period where many rappers are taught quick to shut up, Don’t speak your mind, and just follow the script. Lord Jamar opinions offer a fresh outlook and caused interesting debates amongst hip hop and showed that there’s people left who have backbone in this country. His statements about Kanye West wearing a skirt not belonging in hip hop was the start of the new-found attention he would receive throughout the year.

Lord Jamar 1

lord jamar 2

Lord Jamar’s comments about White people and the homosexual direction in Hip Hop seemed to have angered many amongst his peers. Most notably artists Hopsin, School-Boy Q, Yelawolf, and many others. Yelawolf even went as far to tell Jamar to “suck his cracker balls” and Jamar response was a fair warning of a potential beatdown if he doesn’t apologize. To even throw more gasoline on the fire, Legendary East Coast Shock Jock Host Star(From Star and Bucwild) joined in the Frey:

And the duo shows no signs of bowing down anytime soon. These videos have sparked heavy discussions throughout the Industry. If their not taking aim at punk ass rappers, entertainers, or speaking up on the system structure. These guys are speaking on issues that many of these so-called tough rappers are afraid of even speaking about. These interviews are sure gonna keep people talking throughout 2014.

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