Busta Rhymes Anarchy Review (THROWBACK!)


After Dropping possibly his most versatile album to date(E.L.E.) and in spite how his apocalyptic predictions didn’t come to pass(at the time at least). Busta returned in 2000 to delivered his 4th album titled Anarchy and it ended up growing to me after a while.

Busta Rhymes has some of the most unusual Intros I’ve ever heard in hip hop. He knows how to set an opening theme perfectly for an album by explaining the theme behind Anarchy and what he expects to take place. Salute the Gods sets the pace on whats to come and shows that DJ Scratch has to be one of the most underrated East Coast beat-makers around.

I believe Busta using J-Dilla instead of DJ Scratch to set off the album threw people off base a bit. But J-Dilla does his thing on Enjoy Da Ride which is a soulful headbanger. One of the minor disappointments I do have though are that there aren’t any more of the funny skits that would introduce some of the tracks like on his previous albums

There are also some songs such Live it Up, the horrendous Here We Go again featuring the FlipMode Squad, all Night, Come On My Niggas that sound like clear rushjobs. They kinda of break up the flow of the album but nevertheless Anarchy’s Pros over weigh its Cons. Busta still showcases that raw cut-throat delivery and pounces the beats with such aggression. The Swizz Beatz produced We Put it Down for Yall is a perfect example of Busta taking what would have been a corny Swizz produced beat and handles it like a pro.

Another track that turned out into a surprised banger was the Lenny Kraviz produced Make Noise which is probably one of the hypest tracks on the album that could have been on E.L.E. The album’s best track no question is the Mafiaso style The Heist which features Wu Tang members Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and then new comer Roc Marciano spitting gambino style rhymes. Ghostface Killah opening verse sets the tone perfectly and would probably one of the best openers of all time.

The album’s 2nd single titled Fire has to be one of the strangest beats I’ve ever heard. Busta with his originality behind the video brought this song to life and remains as told. When Busta has the right beat behind him, He’s in beast mode. That can also be proven on songs such as Street Shit and the M.O.P. featured Ready 4 War as well.

Bus also flips the storytelling vibe similar to Get the Money part one and 2 off his WDS album on Trip Out of Town and should shut up critics of Busta Rhymes not being lyrical. It comes across as one of the main album highlights and flows like a movie on wax from the way he vividly tells the story.

When I first heard it, I hated hard on the album’s first single titled Get Out. I thought it was an attempt to recreate the success JayZ had with Hard Knock Life. But after hearing the Explicit version, It grew to me and Busta still brings the heat lyrically into what would have been considered a cookie cutter track to many.

Why We Die could have been known as that track that should have gotten radio play but didn’t. Despite it featuring DMX and JayZ(Whom were the hottest in NY at the time). DMX surprisingly outshined both of the two with one of the best verses he had during that period. This was around the time where people thought X was becoming commercial and wouldn’t come through with something gritty. JayZ’s verse showed some humility and was aimed at backstabbing and snakes. Busta comes through in the end and closes the track out with a bang.

Overall despite some of the overkill.. Anarchy was a solid offering from Bussa Buss and shows why he should be takened more seriously as a lyricist instead of an animated clown rapper.

Vic Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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