Tha Dogg Pound-Doggy Bag


Throughout the past several years, It seemed as if Daz and Kurupt’s albums failed to capitalize off the magic that they made from the 90s and the mid 2000s. Perhaps it was that entire period of beef among the camp from 2002-2005 that killed pretty much the magic behind what use to be a dynamic duo in hip hop.

Their slowly getting it back together but it seemed as though that they only reunited to please Snoop or that they found out that they make more money as a group than their solo work. But when they stick to the script to what brought them to the dance, The DPG is at their best and this new album from Death Row/Wide Awake(Not Suge Knight) showcases that.

Even though these cuts are mostly leftovers or tracks left off The Dogg Food album or from different soundtracks. They still bang throughout and gives us fans a nice nostalgic feel on when Daz and Kurupt’s chemistry were at the time and showed them at their hungriest.

Even though I love hearing some of these classic 90s cuts as the next fan. It’s also interesting that you get to hear Some of the tracks on here(Lets Play House, Me in Your World, U Aint the Homie featuring Crooked I) that were actually in the original format. It’s cool to hear the tracks in their original fashion but you can tell it was a wise decision to keep the album versions.

The Lets Play House Original featured a guest verse from Warren G and he flowed pretty well with it. But at the same time you can tell it missed that icing on the cake with Michel’le on the chourse and instead featured a outro from Big Pimpin. The same can be said for Me & Your World which doesn’t sound perfectly mixed but it features a vicious verse from Lady of Rage so it bangs throughout.

My other complaints are the fact that they chose to feature tracks that were already featured on different projects instead of digging deeper in the vault and finding more tracks to flow constructively with the album. Not that their bad tracks, But it would have been wise to take out the It Might Sound Crazy Remix, Big Pimpin, and that long drawn out interlude of just Daz rambling about how gangsta he is and replace them.

My other gripe is even though it still manages to be a dope cut, It was also disappointing that Doggybag featured the Anti New York diss record NY 87 track with no DJ Quik intro and No Tupac verse as well. Kurupt sets it off with one of his sharpest verses of his career by taking aim at almost every NYC rapper that took swipes at the West Coast at the time.

The Introspective tracks on Doggy Bag are surprisingly good. My favorite is of the two is Save a Life where Daz shows off a more spiritual side and expresses the regrets he’s made throughout his life. I Don’t Care What People Say has a nice feel-good West Coast vibe which is good enough to be played throughout BBQs in the summer.

Overall fans whom aren’t aware of Daz and Kurupt’s earlier work would definitely love this album. Even if you already own these cuts, It’s good to finally hear them re-produced and digitally mastered.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10

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