Killer Mike and EL-P Run The Jewels Review


Killer Mike’s Rap Music album was what hip hop sorely needed. It had thought-provoking lyrics, Heavy hitting and hard-nosed commentary amongst the content and EL-P did a masterful job of supplying Mike the production fire power that he needed to let off that aggression.

Killer Mike’s new way of tackling his music reminds me heavily of how Ice Cube use to be during his Amerikkka’s Most/ Death Certificate days. His Content isn’t as raw as Cube’s(Due to Cube’s affiliation with the NOI) But the pro black activism is boasted in a prideful manner for their latest offering Run The Jewels. A 10 track LP showing that the ELP and Killer are one of the best duo to do it in a long time.

What impressed me about the Killer Mike/EL-P combo is that these guys don’t try to go out of their element. They don’t try to aim for Billboard 40 or try too hard to distinguish themselves as hip hop artists. These guys are proud to be rappers and you can tell by listening to Run the Jewels that their making no bones of it.

EL-P’s style of production at times may be too dark, too underground or may throw off the average head whom are looking for “bangers”. His styles suits Mike perfectly on tracks such as the Run The Jewels, Sea Legs, and A Christmas Fuckin Miracle where EL-P shines throughout with one of the best verses he’s came with throughout his career.

My personal favorite track on the album is the sonically amazing Banana Clipper which features Big Boi reuniting with Mike and proving why he shouldn’t be in Andre’s shadow. The legendary Prince Paul made a surprise appearance on Twin Hype Back where he brings back the concept of playing a different character on the track(Which was a specialty of is throughout his career).

Run the Jewels seemingly was done to serve more as a platform to re-introduce E-LP as an artist to the masses. Company Flow hasn’t been in the radar for almost a decade so that possibly was the motive. EL-P does a great job even though I would have loved to hear more of the content Mike was presenting from Rap Music personally.

It comes across as a El-P album with Killer Mike as EL-P would open up most of the tracks. The album isn’t as raw and angry as RAP Music but it still shows that the duo’s chemistry is well intact. Definitely worth the Download!

Vic Rating: 8.5. Outta 10


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