Bone Thugs N Harmony-WW III Review


1. WWIII – Introduction
2. Top Notch
3. Murda On U (featuring: Don Jagwarr)
4. Born In The Ghetto (feat: Big B)
5. Bone (feat: Tanieya Weathington)
6. Bring it Back
7. Approach 2 Danger
8. Bitch iz a Bitch
9. It’s A Bone Thang (feat: Tanieya Weathington)
10. 100-K
11. Deep End (feat: Por’cha)
12. Back In Tha Dayz (feat: Tanieya Weathington)
13. Walk This Way (feat: Big B)
14. Rapella (feat: Por’cha) – Interlude
15. Swagged Out
16. It Will Be Alright (feat: Por’cha)
17. In Memory of Eazy (feat: Bruce-E-Bee & Phaedra

2013 was the year that Bone Thugs N Harmony showed and proved on why they are probably the most underrated group of all time. If it wasn’t Krayzie Bone completely obliterating Eminem’s Rap God track to where Marshall himself probably wouldn’t even want to touch it again, Murdering guest appearances on Trap Lord and Da Mafia Six album showcasing their unity on the Hip Hop Cypher and closing out the BET Awards. It seemed as if Bone were finally getting their respect from the industry. It was only gonna get better because they were gonna close the year out with a “New album” titled World War III.

As a long time fan of the group going back to the days where they called themselves Bone Enterprise, I was thinking Bone was gonna close 2013 with possibly their best collective album since Thug World Order. Sadly I was mistaken.

First of all World War III is NOT a Bone Thugs N Harmony album. This is an album that was put together from a small label in hoping to profit off the group’s name. These tracks were recorded around the time the group was eternally beefing with one another(Krayzie/Wish with Flesh) which explains why Krayzie and Wish are absent throughout most of the album.

Flesh, Layzie, and Bizzy carried the bulk of this album and Lyrically they have never sounded better. The Bone brothers have improved drastically lyrically and seemed to age like fine wine in terms of flow. World War III does has its moments where they revisit the E.1999 Sound. That darkish sound that fans yearned found could be exhibited on Murda For U, Swagged Out, Top Notch, and Approach to Danger.

The album as you can tell doesn’t have that cohesive flow and is very poorly mixed as well production wise. The beats provided here mostly doesn’t recapture the darkness that fans wanted the group to return too. Instead of Art of War/East 1999 Bone. We’re getting more of that modern Uni 5 era type Bone production wise and thats one album that many of us fans wont to easily forget about.

For every solid cut(In Memory of Eazy E) You have two god awful ones(100 K, Walk This Way) and the whole “package”(wont call this an album) suffers from it as a cohesive.

World War III is also sorely missing appearances from Krayzie(whom could have brought more of these tracks to life) and Flesh’s new style type flow doesn’t seem to mesh with some of the album’s dark vibes(as evident on Top Notch) and comes across as choppy at times.

If Da Mafia Six can do it, If Snoop Dogg or SnoopZilla can do it, If Daz and WC can do it, Then we know Bone(as proven throughout in 2013) has the ability to drop a banger to put the Industry in notice. We may have to wait for the REAL Bone album to drop soon to really hear that album we want to hear from the group though.

Vic Rating: 5.0 outta 10

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