Lady of Rage Neccessary Roughness(THROWBACK REVIEW)

The Lady Of Rage-Necessary Roughness 1997

“Before Pac came to Death Row, We didn’t have any Mc’s but Kurupt, that was our lyricist”
Suge Knight on XXL

After reading that statement, You would have to wonder as if either Suge Knight was blatantly hating on the other artists for leaving or was very high that day. To say that Lady of Rage wasn’t a lyricist on Death Row is a straight up blasphemy to her work that she did on the label during her career. After killing guest appearances on pretty much all of the Death Row albums reigning from The original Chronic to Doggfood and making classic appearance on Death Row soundtracks(Who could ever forget her classic Afro Puffs track?) It was time for Rage to get her solo shine on and she does just that on her solo debut. The sad thing was that it was 3 years too late.

Although Death Row was suffering from major problems at the time and the marketing of this album were pretty much limited, They still proved that their artists who were signed at the time could still put together cohesive music. Rage shows why she’s possibly one of the rawest female emcees to ever touch a mic.

When Rage is in beast mode, She’s unstoppable and he proves that on songs such as Break Down, Super Supreme, Big Bad Lady(featuring a cameo from the late Tupac Shakur),and the album’s best Two tracks Some Shit and Microphone Pon Cok featuring Madd 1 whom were produced by DJ Premier.

As for Guest Appearances there aren’t too many from the Death Row members, The only track that was full of guest appearances was Rough Rugged and Raw which featured Daz and Snoop Dogg. Many may be disappointed that the Good Ol Doctor was absent from giving Rage that funk like that of Afro Puffs and Blunts and Tangaray but Daz does a superb job of handling the album.

The album closes with its deepest track titled Confessions where she’s professing her love for God and Confessing the evils she committed throughout her life. It’s probably the most personal track Rage has ever released and its captivating.

This album is probably the most heavily slept on from the Death Row camp and its a shame that Rage couldn’t get the marketing due to the fact that Death Row was in shambles at this point.

Unnecessary Roughness proved that Rage is one of the rawests female Ive heard on the mic along side her peers and definitely delivered a album worth copping.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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