Snoopzilla and Dam Funk-7 Days of Funk Review


Lets be honest here. For the past several years, Snoop Dogg has pretty much became a caricature of his former self. Between doing pop singles and being family friendly with these cookie cutter artists that he once barked at, Along with the fact that his previous three albums Malice N Wonderland, and Doggumentary, It was looking as if the once hungry Dogg has lost his bite.

To make matters even worse, He transformed himself into Snoop Lion which where he claimed to be an reborn Rastafarian. To prove it wasn’t a gimmick, He released an album full of cheesy happy wannabe hippy and reggae records. The record itself was awful and while I applaud the fact that Snoop wanted to grow as a better person and show positivity. The fact is that Reincarnated didn’t hit on those cylinders and pretty much lost whats left of his fans.

Then just a month ago, A Mixtape titled Thats My Work 2 surfaced under his old name SNOOP DOGG. Even though the mixtape wasn’t as great as his previous work but he still showed that the Dogg had some left in the tank. He returned to the true orgins of what we missed from him for years: That West Coast funk.

It would only get better as Snoop would release Doggystyle The Samples to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of his classic album only as a promotional tool for his new project with Daft Funk titled 7 Days of Funk.

What makes this such a classic album is like that Snoop returned to the recipe that made us fall in love with his music in the first place. This album is clearly inspired by the 70’s and 80’s P funk that birthed West Coast gangsta rap. With the exception of Tha Dogg Pound(whom appear on Ride and the Bonus track Systematic) The rest is Snoop flowing and harmonizing throughout these funky grooves so easily.

Dam Funk did a superb job of crafting the funk to match Snoop’s calm delivery whenever it be rapping or harmonizing. Its perfectly produced on Smooth tracks such as the first single Fadin Away, 1 Question, and Do My Thang. Hittin the Pavement is the album’s hardest track as we get a flash of the old Doggy Dogg which sounded like a leftover from the Death Row Days.

7 Days of Funk is short and sweet. But thats what makes the album more enjoyable. Theres no filler, No unwanted guest appearances from 2 Chainz or songs geared to the Billboard crowd.
The whole album is sequenced to where it flows perfectly and showed that The Dogg still have some lifespan left in his career. Lets hope he stays in this direction.

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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