Twista Adrenaline Rush Review(Throwback!)


It’s pretty saddening that People don’t really acknowledge Twista’s impact in music. He’s already a legend in the Chicago rap scene but it seems that his impact along with his then rival Bone Thugs N Harmony’s are pretty minimized in today’s game. He introduced the rapid fast lightning quick flow into the table and released his underground album titled Resurrection in 1994. Twista should be credited as a pioneer to the style but he came out at a time where it looked too outlandish. Ironically enough, Bone Thugs N Harmony debuted that same year and were credited for bringing a new style to the table.

There is a total difference in styles between Twista and Bone. Bone mixes harmonies with their cryptic verses to where they don’t sound like your typical hardcore hip hop song. Twista on the other hand is a straight forward spitter and spits alot of that Chicago pimp shit with that Chi Town lingo.

Despite his super-fast spitting you can understand clearing what he’s rhyming or what he saying. Adrenaline Rush also tells a story of street life in Chicago. The Intro starts off at the pool hall where one of Twista’s homeboys tell him about some people who killed his cousin. They run down there to identify the body and vow for revenge. The album basically tells the story of Chi-raq before Chief Keef and GBE were even thought of.

The album highlights consist of Adrenaline Rush, Overdose, Death Before Dishonor which deals with snitches in the hood., Emotions which is a nice joint for the ladies which crossed Twista over into the R&b world as well. I also loved how Twista and his boys The Speedknot Mobsters flipped Nuttin but a G Thing on Mobsters Anthem. Unsolved Mysteries and Korrupt World are the album’s two best tracks because they showcase Twista at his best. Unsolved Mysteries is a very spooky track about Murders being Unsolved in Chitown, This is Twista at his best and when on the solo tip is where he shines the brightest.

Korrupt World is the album’s deepest track as it deals with survival and deals in the terms of regrets of being involved in the street life.

Overall this is Twista’s best album to date. He kept the Chi-Town vibe throughout the album and showed to be one of the games slept on premier spitters. Definitely worth copping.

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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