10 Steps of What Needs to be Done(For Black America)


But if you’re like us, sweep that shit under the rug and give each other a hug
Red and Blue make purple, the color of love
Red and Blue make the color purple, purple

Saigon From his Gang unification track Color Purple.

Out of all of the write up’s I’ve done over the years, This is probably gonna be the most serious one I’ve done to date aside from my BET Article. The reason why is because at this point, The Black Community is left in shambles and belligerent in ways where we’ve lost our spirituality, We lost our integrity, our ownership, our dignity, and direction. This is the column where I’m gonna really speak from the heart as well as give you a history lesson of how we got here and where I FEEL we need to go for our salvation.


The Black Community has always had a fascination with being apart of Organizations or being accepted. They represent qualities that the Black Community has been sorely lacking. Those attributes being Unity, Love, Power, Organizing and most importantly RESPECT. This is one of the main reason why Blacks are fascinated with the Mafia, Gangs, or any type of rebellion because in some fashion they represent the oppressed from a different spectrum. Black’s have often studied the keys to organizing and wanting to make change within with the brothers. Next to the Nation of Islam, The Black Panther Party came the closest to knocking down the doors of oppression and opening up for freedom.

When the Black Panthers were officially founded on October 15th 1966, It’s just the type of movement that the Black Community desperately needed. Racial tension amongst Blacks and Whites were at an all time high between the Malcolm X assassination, The mistreatment of African American’s in the Vietnam War, The Watts riots, along with Oppression laws being laid throughout the entire South. It was what the African American Community would consider as a savior to the Black Race because the Panthers protected them. They also opened up their own schools, survival and welfare programs titled the Free Breakfast for Children Program and the “Inter-communal Youth Institute which taught importance behind the youth getting educated.

What made the Panther’s a threat to the Establishment was the fact that these brothers Bobby Steele and Huey P. Newton were intelligent. Huey P. studied law so he looked for every loophole he can find within the Constitution. He found loops in ways where they even caught alot of his oppositions off guard, He discovered that there were laws to allow his Organization to walk around the Oakland Streets with Shotguns in public.

This literally shook up the Police Department because they were so used to being the aggressors against the Innocent. Corrupt Officers have often used the power behind their badge to get away with brutalize Young Blacks for decades. Blacks have felt powerless in their war with Police and within the battle with racism. So when Huey Newton stood his ground with a shotgun and barked back at the Police department, Huey became a hero overnight to the disfranchised and oppressed.

Huey and Bobby went all over the state of California to recruit new members for their organization. It was mostly the disfranchised, the ex convicts, ex pimps, along with hired writers whom would soon contribute to their own Newspaper titled “The Black Panther” the following year to counteract the lies and slander from paid off publications. The Panther movement grew into the South then crossed to the Midwest all the way to the East Coast. The Panther’s well structured organized planning and strengthened unity was something that was unheard of. When the Panthers did the unheard of and marched into Washington D.C. with loaded Shotguns to let lawmakers know they mean business as “The GREATEST threat to the internal security of the country”.

On the contrary of what many Conservative groups and White Nationalist Groups would want the masses to believe, The Black Panther Party were NEVER a Terrorist group. They were more of a Self Defense group on behalf of the Black Community. The Ku Klux Klan would be seen more as a Terrorist Group because their body count is far more super-passed in comparison to the BPP.

The Panthers wanted to clean up the streets of dope pushers, prostitutes, pimping, or whomever they see as a roadblock to the salvation of Black growth. The representatives of the Underworld(Pimps, Drug Dealers) saw the get rich or die trying mentality as the only tool to surviving. They both shared a common enemy[The Dominant Society] but they wanted to choose different paths in the battle. The clash of these two mentalities between activism and gangsterism was heavily highlighted in the Movie The Mack between Goldie and his Brother.


Since the destruction of the Black Panthers by J Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO, The Black Community have been searching and yearning for a new movement to be apart of. A movement that they feel is an Anti Establishment or represent the true grass-roots of the poverty that they everyday encounter. This is one of the main reasons why Gangs among the Black and Latino Community are often glamorized. It’s like Like the movie Scarface, The Community tends to overlook the obvious wrongs within Tony’s character(Him pushing dope) and try to search for the right within to identify with the movement(His code of ethics).


The Panthers movement inspired many Black movements within the late 60s and 70s. This time they surfaced within street gangs. Most notably Jeff Fort and Chicago Based Gang The Black Stoned Rangers whom were looked upon as a major threat to the establishment. The main reasons being that They were truly unified, they were intelligent because Fort was clearly inspired by the teachers of the late Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad about doing for self, recognizing the enemy, and inspiring the youth from the streets to follow that plateau. Even when Fred Hampton Jr got murdered, Fort and the Black Stoned Rangers arrived at Hampton’s funeral at One Thousand strong to pay respect to the fallen freedom fighter.

The Crips were also formed as a off-shoot of the Black Panthers. The name CRIP acronym stood for “Community Revolution in Progress”. It had grass-roots of the Panthers movement as well and thats what Raymond Washington’s motives were founded the Crips. He claimed that it was never with the intention of eliminating other gangs, but to create a force powerful enough to protect local black people from racism, corruption and brutality at the hands of the police.

Whereas the Panther’s tried to protect the community, The growth of both the Crips and then the rival gang The Bloods gangs spiraled out of control of the leaders. The homicides doubled throughout the 70s and 80s as Los Angeles became more of a killing fields amongst Black and Brown.

tookie book

Tookie Williams(Whom was a co-Founder of the Crips) started seeing the error of his ways after he caught a bid and was sentenced to Death Row. He started to denounce Gang activity and tried to reach out to the youth. He started publishing books from his cell trying to bring unity back into the Black Community. Tookie’s books have earned him recognition and even a Noble Peace Prize for his work, But it seemed to have gone on deaf ears as a new generation was emerging and it seemed that they weren’t trying to hear what the older generation was talking about.

gang peace

Code of Thug Life/Peace Treaty

The near death brutal assault by the LAPD on Rodney King caused a Race war across Los Angeles. When the Officers whom nearly beat King to death were acquitted of all accounts and avoided any form of imprisonment, The Black Community for the first time in a very long time since the days of the Panthers came together and vowed to fight for justice.

This was possibly the first time Bloods AND Crips fought together for a cause. Seeing this as an open opportunity to finally make Blacks put down the guns and come together, A Peace Treaty was organized On April 26th 1992, Jordan Downs of The Grape Street Crips and P Jay Crips of Imperial Courts (Bounty Hunters Bloods) Nickerson Gardens realized enough is enough and came together for a Truce.


The late Tupac Shakur also saw the Truce as a way to formulate his own plan for Thug Life. Tupac knew that he had to grab the youth because he knew that the youth would look at guys like Jeff Fort, Jeff Fort, Mike Conception as “old heads”. Tupac spoke like them, He knew how to reach them and wasn’t afraid to go into many of their territories. Being that he had that Black Panther background, He knew how to incorporate that mentality to where the Youth can grasp it have it sound hype instead of “preachy”. Tupac linked up with many of the OGs and freedom fighters such as Mutulu Shakur to help format the plan to where it can reach the youth:


The Crips and Bloods have even used music as their outlet to cease the killings in the streets. This is where those projects titled Banging on Wax came to play and actually sold records. Proving that theres strength in Unity.


What needs to be done

The Black Panther Party today is a shell of its former self, The Gangs of today are more reckless and ignorant than ever before. Destruction seems to be on the menu for young blacks as we’re continuing to fill prisons and coffins. Solutions need to come and heres what needs to happen to not only cease violence but also re bridging the gap as Black People.



Whatever you like him or not, Minister Louis Farrakhan is possibly one of the few real Black Leaders that community has left. While many have looked down upon the youth and turned the blind eye to the streets, The Minister has not only embraced hip hop culture and treated us like brothers, But he has also been one of the few that have actually walked in the midst of the trenches and put into action. The Minster is responsible for ceasing the 1997 East Coast/West Coast war, Bringing a Million Black Men together in Washington D.C. for a common cause without any acts of violence. Farrakhan is responsible for turning alot of addicts, bangers, prostitutes into productive citizens of society.

Tariq Nasheed has said on his podcast that Black People so often have allowed our leaders to die broke, get killed, blackballed, disrespected or don’t come defend them from slander. This is why alot of people are afraid of signing for the job of being a “Black Leader”.


You can never go on to the future if you have knowledge of the present. There is a reason why the United States Government are often locking up alot of these ex OGs for ridiculous prison time Thats because most of these guys possess the wisdom and know that they can use their power to spark change.

A collective plan based off Growth and Development should be mailed or sent to many of the OGs so they can offer some insight so the current generation can be educated. Their input is sorely needed so at least they can be productive instead of wasting away in Two By Two cells. Strong Male guidance is a key role and with the wisdom these Brothers have along with many, It can play a key role in guiding the youth. This is what Tupac did when he created his plan for Thug-Life.



Don’t fall for the You-Tube propaganda, Literally go out and read about the history so when you are more well-informed with how the world works and how Rome(The System structure) gotten built. It also helps matters to truly learn The Bill of Rights by heart. This is what made Huey P Newton such a threat, He saw loopholes within the laws and took advantage :




Kanye West made some great points during his interviews this past week, Even though Ye’s lifestyle along with the way he articulate his points makes many scratch their head, He still raised a value point of ownership and breaking down color barriers. But what Ye failed to acknowledge if the fact that for Blacks to prosper, It needs to be done among SELF. Forget begging, Take what you generated and create until something bigger open. This is what the Brothers from Tulsa followed when they created Black Wall-street in the early 1900s. Even though the CIA backed Racist mob destroyed it, The vision, the idea, and the plan is still out there. It only takes strong minds to re-create it.




This has been the MAIN reason why Black America seem to never get over that hump. The Black Community according to statistics are possibly the biggest spenders in the country with approximately at 507 Billions within Consumerism and within the Black Mega Churches. The money is being spent on these certain vices but where has it got Blacks? Corporations have gotten Richer and Blacks are still behind the poverty line.

We need to put our energy in supporting Brothers and Sisters whom are bringing substance into the mix whenever it be Music, movies, literature, art, blogs or fighting for the betterment of making things better and creating avenues. Support creates schools, creates better re-education, opportunity, job growth, and Independence from needing others.


Black People have mistakened rappers, entertainers, actors, and ball players for speaking for us and felt that they need to do more for us. We can’t rely on JayZ or Lil Wayne to save the community, or expect them to fight the powers that be because at the end of the day THEIR ENTERTAINERS. What it help the cause if Baby, Diddy, and JayZ would come together and create Black Distribution? No question, But thats very unlikely so this is my message to those You Tube/Face book Arm Chair Revolutionaries. Get off your butts and do something YOURSELVES.



One of the worst ways Black Males and Female’s be caught up in the beast and never getting out is the fact that when we first start working and receive that first paycheck, We go buy shoes, We go buy cars, or clothes. My message to the youth is to take your first opportunity to get a REAL GOOD priced Attorney.

There may come instances where you may be caught up in the mix or possibly get rail roaded so it would help your situation on a much better level if you have your OWN paid lawyer instead of being appointed one from the State. State Attorneys could careless about your well-being because their only there to collect a check.



This is the key fear tactic that the mass media has been doing for the past several years. The media have done a convincing job of convincing today’s Black Youth that we’re living in a post racist society. You have a Black President, You have equal rights like everyone else, You have equal opportunity and they’ll feature these puppet controlled entertainers whom are trying to trick you into believing the hype.

The reality is that its STILL ON. It’s never stopped. If anything statistics show that racial tension within the Country “Post-Obama” have gotten worse. You may lose alot of friends, You may have to argue more with people and there’s instances where you may not even get as far into the Dominant Society ran corporate world, But at the end of the day, If you acquire enough knowledge and strong circle, You wouldn’t need to be apart of their world.


I’m tired of reading different blogs, groups, Talk Shows and all of this segments of Black Men and Women downing each other. We’ve spent the past decade tearing each other down and we haven’t gained nothing in return but proving how more torn apart our Community really is. It seems that people whom are “swirling” are getting more media support than Black love among men and Women.

Both Sexes need to realize that at the end of the day We are all we have. You don’t see many other races using us as a clutch for bragging purposes to other races, but we’re always the first to brag about grabbing a PAWG(Pretty ass White Girl) or White Chocolate Knight(White man) We need to weaver out the sellouts, the coons, and Toms whom are constantly causing friction among the Black Foundation and keeping this disturbing behavior on rotation. Stop listening to media, music, and other destructive vices on how you should operate and love.

keef lupe


This Lupe Fiasco/Chief Keef scenario is a perfect example of what the true reflection of Young and Old truly is today. The Youth isn’t trying to make any effort in trying to hear out the Elder because the respect is gone.

The moment Chief Keef came out and disrespected Lupe, Lupe as a elder to Chief Keef and his click, Lupe should have told him “Look I’m not with this childish talk, I’m a grown man so if get off Twitter and see me if you have a problem”, LETS TALK”. Thats real grown man talk. Its firm, direct, and right to the point.

Instead Lupe not only addressed the situation in a passive manner but it showed that his whole aura doesn’t generate a presence of demanding respect. I don’t know Mr. Fiasco but I felt the way he handled this situation was totally wrong.

Overall Opinion:

People may look at this like I’m being too “preachy” or I’m too “Pro Black” or too “racial” Label it however you want, I could really careless and not making any apologies for it. Black America is in trouble and I feel we’re a lost sheep, So any other way I can counteract the ignorance and re-build what we lost. I’m all for giving the real talk. If you really have any pride or self respect, You’ll all will share this and have this go viral. Its all about Survival, Life and Death, I’m not with playing patty cake and being PC.If you have any solutions, ideas, or ways to add to the equation then give me feedback!

Vic Da Ruler

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7 Responses to 10 Steps of What Needs to be Done(For Black America)

  1. StayInSchoolKids says:

    So you dont support miscegenation bruh? You know that makes you on the same shit that the klans on though right? Go look the word up and maybe youll realize that all the white supremacy groups would like nothing more than what your suggesting in your “black love” bit at the end. Im going to point out here that you butchered the english language. Instead of capitalizing every other word why dont you try using some punctuation. Mad ignorant little rant of yours my dude, racist uninformed little rant. You my friend need to go get an education and stop idolizing all these born loosers like this tariq idiot standing on a cofee table. Cmon, the guys a fucking moron, just look at him. Take responsibility for yourself as a person and stop tryina make everything into a race relations issue like that pandering jackoff farakahn. Oh yea, and honorable elijah turns out wasnt so honorable as you would know if you did any research at all. Speaking of research, admit that you completely made up any evidence to support this load of bull shit right here:

    “The Black Community according to statistics are possibly the biggest spenders in the country with approximately at 507 Billions within Consumerism and within the Black Mega Churches. The money is being spent on these certain vices but where has it got Blacks? Corporations have gotten Richer and Blacks are still behind the poverty line.”

    That is such a crock of shit its hysterical. While i agree with your underlying point here, i need to point out that you are straight up lying when you pull bull shit statistics out of your ass my dude, dont do that, not cool. And by the way, lupe handled that like a man. Only an attention seeking little boy would make threats on the internet. Men handle there shit when the time comes and keep their fucking mouths shut about it before and after. Lupe is on that mikey kissing fredo shit that means you just might die when i see you and he has enough self respect and confidence to not have to impress little shits like you on the internet. I on the other hand had nothing better to do with the last hour of my life than to critique your little rant so hey, there you have it kiddo

    Sincerely Yours – Stay In School Kids

  2. StayInSchoolKids says:

    and my dude, speaking as someone whos spent time in institutes of correction. what the fuck is a 2×2 cell? bro are you fuckin retarted?

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Ok I don’t know who the hell you think you are but I’m far from Kiddo. I’m a grown ass man number one so dismiss me with that Kid bullshit and best believe If I was in front of you right now, You wouldn’t address me in that matter so chill out with that internet tough talk.

      #2. You clearly don’t know me, the work I do, or what I contribute, I’m in these streets doing work. What are you doing? Bitching about a 2 year old article and got your panties in the bunch about Tariq and Farrakhan like a typical crab because their making it happen while you sitting on your hands and knees actually begging for someone to put you on game.

      You called me a liar and what I’m saying is bullshit? Prove me wrong and I find hilarity that you’re trying to tell me to work on punctuation when your grammar and sentence structure is poorer than Chief Keef’s Twitter messages

  3. stayin school says:

    i dont have to prove you wrong, its your obligation to cite your sources, you dont have any sources though because you made that shit up. If your contribution is racist little rants like the one you went on here than you need to reevaluate the work you claim to be doing. grow up, life isnt all about drawing lines in the sand. Nobody has their panties in a bunch over those 2 losers cause they are irrelevant and washed up and have been largely discredited as race pandering opportunists brain who brainwash impressionable youth such as your self in order to make a quick buck and not actually affect any meaningfull change. you are a self hating typa dude, do some soul searching and raise yourself up outta the civil rights era where you seem to be stuck. The world has moved on from such childish hate speach.

    Sincerely Yours – Stay In School Kids

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      Just like I thought, By referring to me as a “racist”(Which is ignorant because the last time I check I never stopped anyone from making a living based off the color of their skin).

      Its clear you’re nothing more than another in closet white supremacist and just like many whom I’ve embarrassed in panels and discussions in the past, You Can’t bring anything relevant to the discussion because its proven by your rambling and personal insults of me that has truly anything to do with the issues you have my blog at hand that I’m more spiritually and mentally superior to you. So do Log off and kill yourself immediately you bum. You’re nothing more but a crumb on my table of this discussion and clearly in your personal life.

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