DA Mafia Six- 6ix Commandments review


Ever since winning the Oscars in 2006 for their work off Hustle and Flow, Super-producers DJ Paul and Juicy J enjoyed the fruits of their success. They had reality shows, They had their own shows, They became friends with Paris Hilton and became accepted within a new world in Hollywood.

Their album titled Last 2 Walk(Which featured just DJ Paul and Juicy at this point) was supposed to be the celebration of that new life and success for the two. But unfortunately the album due to Sony’s politics and the fans unwillingness to accept a Three 6 Mafia album with just two members just fell straight out of the radar.

In a situation where groups have fallen out of the radar due to record label politics, This didn’t stop Paul and Juice. If anything it gave their credibility a needed boost with the projects Paul been releasing for the past two years. But the biggest surprise was when he announced he’s working on a REUNION album with all the members of the group.

As a long time fan of HCP, I grew curious of how the chemistry would be with the former old members. They haven’t done an album as a collective in almost 14 years, There have been instances where reunion albums don’t pan right and lose chemistry due to beef(Daz and Kurupt). Due to the Sony Deal, Paul had to re-change the name from Three 6 Mafia to Mafia 6ix for this project and once I heard Go Hard featuring Yelawolf. I was already sold.

The Answer is that this is possibly their BEST(As Three 6 Mafia) work since When The Smoke Clears. The direction on this album is right back to the old HCP horrorcore sound that they haven’t really dappled into since the late 90s. Paul also brought back to flipping the horror movie samples and rekindling the older tracks and updating them.

The overall album has that of a dark evil and at times satanic vibe just like their older albums. Tracks such as Break Da Law, Beacon Had Hard, Murder on My Mind(which features Bone Thugs N Harmony) and Betta Pray(featuring Tha Outlawz) recapture that dark Mystic Stylez vibe from the 90s.

Other than the surprise of the fact Koopsta, Lord, Gangsta Boo showed that they haven’t missed a beat. The album’s main surprise is JUICY J is featured on the HCP Reunion cut titled Body Parts II which reunites all of the affiliates and core members from the past. Juice even went back to his old style on this one:

I’m sure that the references to the Occult will probably offend people, Especially those whom are in terms very spiritual but if you been following Three 6 Mafia from the beginning stages, You would realize that this is how they were when they started. This jawn is definitely worth the download! I’m hoping for more projects like this in the near future.

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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2 Responses to DA Mafia Six- 6ix Commandments review

  1. Erik blue says:

    Well written, dope article. Much love to da mafia six.

    Hey vic, got an email or twitter?

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