Could The D.O.C. been one of the G.O.A.T.s?


When it comes to sports and hip hop analogies and comparisons, The NBA is VERY parallel  in many forms of fashion. For example you have had many players whon had potential to become legends or to surpass Jordan, Magic, Bird only to have their careers cut short through injuries or personal tragedy.

There was even a wrestler who went by the name of Magnum TA. If you were a true fan of Wrestling, You would know that Magnum had the potential to be possibly the biggest star in Wrestling in the 80s. He had the look, the charisma, the drawing power and the talent of a mega star. But Magnum’s career would be cut tragically short as he was involved in a major Car Accident On October 14, 1986, which left him paralyzed on his right body and caused his C-4 and C-5 vertebrae to explode. Magnum’s blossoming career came to a screeching halt and sadly enough in the world of hip hop Tracy Lynn Curry[The D.O.C.] would suffer the same fate.

Most of hip hop publications of today fail to cover how much of an important figure The D.O.C. was  in the success of Ruthless Records and Death Row Records during their respective rise to the top of the Music Business. He was a key ingredient to some of NWA’s best records off Straight out of Compton and contributed to alot of the writing along with Mc Ren and  Ice Cube for the material. D.O.C. would probably be remembered as one of the best minds in the business because he never sugar-coated his opinions, He never was a yes-man, and he always attempted to push the best out of his friends. He was a key figurehead in NWA’s rise to the top. He taught alot of them the key element of song structure and making hit records.

When DOC finally released his debut album titled No One Can Do It Better, It was considered a masterpiece.  Dr Dre supplied DOC with some high-powered production and DOC proved that he could flow like that of Rakim on tracks such as Its Funky Enough, and Lend me an Ear, He showed that of a potent story-teller like that of Slick Rick on the RUN DMC inspired Beautiful But Deadly and showed that he can be the nicest out without rapping about Violence, Sex, and Drugs like that of Chuck D on Tha Formula. No One Can Do it Better proved that DOC was what you would call the COMPLETE MC, Especially since its been revealed that he’s one of the mastermind behind crafting Straight Out of Compton. The Sophomore album would have captivated him into another plateau.


The Accident

After selling their tapes in local swap-meets, NWA became rap superstars within a two-year span and the hardwork looked to have finally started to pay off. Ruthless Records [headed by Eazy E and Jerry Heller[ was continuing to grow as an empire with Eazy signing newer acts to grow the olive branch. Dr Dre was starting to really become certify his position in hip hop as a “Super Producer” and his stock was heavy on the rise as well. DOC reaped the rewards as well but things wasn’t all that it seemed.

As the success caved in, So the DOC’s drinking along with his reckless spending, drug addictions and wild behavior. The money blinded DOC to where he felt invincible at one point, He would even tell you himself that it was hard to maintain a state of sanity. If the accident didn’t put his career in jeopardy, He most likely would have been another one of the artists whom had to fight for their freedom off Ruthless like Bone Thugs N Harmony and many others; According to DOC in an interview he did back in 2006, Eazy approached him and offered him a Gold chain and a watch in exchange for his publishing for his album and writing credits. DOC shockingly admitted that the incident happened citing that Eazy was a “money hungry muthafucka” and admitted that he was young and stupid.

Months after the release of his classic album, DOC’s career and life as a whole would change as a whole. he would be involved in a near fatal car crash which almost killed him. DOC was lucky to survive being that he was thrown out of his rear window and ran face first into a tree. Miraculously DOC survived after 2 hours of plastic surgery and couldn’t speak for a month. When DOC was finally able to speak, He was left with a raspier voice that sounded totally different. The accident crushed his Lyranix and it looked to have been permanent. The DOC that we heard on No One Can Do it Better was gone forever.

doc 3

With his rap career(With his old voice) being over. DOC still contributed in different ways with coaching, writing, producing, and giving NWA visions of where they should take their followup album. He continued to co-write for NWA’s 100 Miles and Runnin and Niggaz 4 Life albums before being apart of the strong-arm deal alongside Dr Dre, and Michelle’ which sent him to Death Row Records.

What alot of people don’t know is DOC contributed to alot of the writing on Dr Dre’s Chronic album and Snoop’s Doggystyle album. DOC is mainly credited for co-writing the tracks :Bitches Ain’t Shit” Lil’ Ghetto Boy”, and “A Nigga Witta Gun”, off Dre’s Chronic album. He also continued to do writing for Dre throughout his Death Row stint and was gonna be influential on Dr Dre’s and Ice Cube Helter Skelter album.

But unfortunately like many of Dr Dre’s projects, The Cube/Dre project never happened and DOC took what he wrote for Dre and used it for his first solo album in 5 years which he would name “Helter Skelter”. The album itself was solid. We hear DOC tell his side of the story of what happened with Death Row and production wise its solid, But fans couldn’t help but to think how this album truly would have sound if he had his true trademark voice.


DOC’s legacy
DOC would continue to be the voice in both Snoop and Dre’s projects throughout their careers. He even wrote Snoop’s verses off his Dr Dre produced track “Imagine” off his Blue Carpet Treatment album. DOC was supposed to have played a key role in Dre’s Long anticipated 3rd solo album “Detox” but creative differences, lack of communication, and egos led to Dre and DOC falling out. Hopefully these two can come together and eventually make a project happen but with Dre focusing more on selling headphones, that doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.

Snoop on the other hand continued to look out for of his mentor by trying to find a surgeon to help restore his raspy vocals. DOC also focused on trying to build the careers of his own artists and giving them direction. He would release two more albums trying to gain his confidence back in rapping and introducing new talent as well.

The story of DOC is tragic career-wise because his first album proved that he was a complete emcee with a very distinctive vision. He knew how to make hit records, He knew what the streets wanted to hear, He could have hung with the best of the kings in the late 80s and he taught the best in the game how to be better writers. I’d believe DOC would have been a top 5 emcee if it wasn’t for that horrific accident.

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One Response to Could The D.O.C. been one of the G.O.A.T.s?

  1. oziejackson says:

    I had such high hopes for DOC back in the day. I bought Helter Skelter the day it came out but I couldn’t even finish listening to it. His voice cooked. At least he is still able to work in other ways. There were some great title contenders whose careers were cut short in various ways. Chi Ali and Big L come quickly to mind.

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