Is Drake this generation’s Ja Rule and Nelly?

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Is Drake this Generation’s Ja Rule and Nelly?

Within a short period(3 Years to be exact) Aubrey “Drake” Graham had solidified himself as one of the biggest names in today’s music. One of the main reason why Drake became such a sensation is the fact that he carved himself a new lane for himself. He didn’t come out on some hardcore stigma and then switched up into some pop style. He knew how to create catchy tunes that would catch waves throughout every club and radio station in the country. Drake’s music within a short period of time has broken records and even surpassed JayZ’s for the amount of number 1 records. Even the most hardest Boom Bap head possibly got at least one Drake song that they thought was catchy and listened too.

What has also helped Drake become a success is not only his instant connections within his family among the industry(Which sparked the discussion of him being an Industry Plant) but he represents the current era of what many would call the softest era of hip hop to a T. He’s pretty good at what he does within his own lane and there’s no denying that. But what people including his stan-base fail to realize that despite how hard corporate sponsors and publications want to push down our throats, Despite how many want to push that he’s the King of Hip Hop and how he’s on the level of JayZ, Nas, Eminem or the stat quo of spitters. His success is more equal to that of Ja Rule and Nelly’s .

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1.His music is mostly geared to High Heels

When it comes to simp music, Drizzy Drake has that crown on lockdown for right now. With the ability to also translate his insecure emotions through his attempted singing abilities, Drake has won the hearts of many females and the mainstream demographic. Ironically this was the same demographic that Nelly and Ja Rule were aiming at in the early 2000s and it turned them into overnight sensations. As Tupac once said: Make Music for the bitches and the niggas will follow” Drake seemed to be following the same blueprint as well as Ja and Nelly did and its brought him his success.


2.Numbers Don’t Lie.
Like NellyVille in 2002 becoming one of the highest selling albums of that year, Drake’s latest album patterned that success with the very strong first week going close to platinum. I remember going into different message boards around the time Nelly was dropping Nellyville and people were anticipating first week flops(Or hoping at least). The same treatment was given to Drake prior to the release of Nothing Was the Same Again. Drake going close to platinum in what would many call a very low year in hip hop sales wise is an accomplishment and it showed that the MTV/Fickle base is still milking the cow until another one comes along.

But like those Nelly and Ja albums, There have been more talk about Drake’s success, Drake winning in real life, Drake with a bad bitch more than his actual music. This is led to believe that Musically Nothing Was The Same offered nothing to back up his claim as “Hip Hop’s New King”.

3.Resentment from “Hardcore” Hip Hop fans.

Either its fear of being blackballed or fear of not getting airplay, Whatever it is, Many rappers whom are usually in the frontlines for calling out soft rappers are silent this time around in today’s modern soft era. Alot of them in fact have embraced Drake and many others of the new Generation instead of butchering these guys out like many rap fans want.

Soft rappers or soft music has never been 100% respected from the Gatekeepers of the Dungeon of rap. Starting from back in the day where Big Daddy Kane literally dropped the very soft and mellow albums such as Tastes for Chocolate and Prince of Darkness. Kane wanted to flaunt more of his playboy image to gain more female fans. The risk bombed big time and Kane’s career never really recovered.

Hardcore Hip Hoppers have given the same treatment as Ja Rule, Nelly and now Drake is feeling the wrath from the Wu Tang Fans. The backlash is because Drake named a track off his album titled Wu Forever which led people to believe its a tribute to the legendary group.

Instead it turned out into be one of the softest ballads Aubrey had ever recorded with references of Raekwon’s Itz Yourz verse and sampled from their classic 1997 track Itz Yourz. It rubbed many true Wu followers the wrong way and Wu Member Inspectah Deck expressed what many were thinking by denouncing the track.


4.Open Target from other rappers.
With Success in hip hop comes being tested and possible drama. Just like Ja Rule and Nelly before him, Drizzy Drake since emerging as a superstar has been targeted by “Real hip hop” rappers. Ja Rule became the target of many along with Nelly from DMX, Common, 50 Cent, Eminem and many others. Today Drake is facing the same amongst his peers.

Most notably the list consisted of Common, Pusha T, Lil Kim, Ludacris, Chris Brown and now possibly Kendrick Lamar has thrown his name into the mix with continued challengers whom want to bring it to the Kid from Toronto Its a normal occurrence. You can’t claim your hip hop’s king and don’t defend your title. The question is will Drake surprise many and drop a bomb? Or would he fizzle like Nelly eventually did and focus on continue to make club bangers and simp anthems? Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Is Drake this generation’s Ja Rule and Nelly?

  1. Amrit says:

    Boy were you wrong..

    He dropped a mixtape after this article and it has since gone on to go platinum among other accolades.

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