Vic’s most underated diss records part II

This is part II of the mini saga that I started a few weeks back. Perhaps by now everybody and their mother have heard records like Ether, Takeover and Hit Em Up. What I’m doing is focusing on the hardest diss records in hip hop that rarely got mention. They weren’t the best lyrically but they sure were entertaining! Starting with a new 5 this week:


1.50 Cent Piggybank

50 Cent around this time period was on top of the world. He had crushed the Murder Inc empire, His G-Unit squad were becoming established stars in their own right. The G-Unit Juggernaut moved into 2005 with even heavier momentum, 50 around this time was really bent on becoming Rap’s bad guy, He did just that by choosing respected artists such as Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Nas, and Shyne.

What made Piggybank so vicious was that most of what 50 was talking about was factual. He brought up how local Jadakiss’s stock is, He talked about Fat Joe despite having the #1 single of the year having a dud of an album, and took a stab at Nas for being pussy whipped by Kelis.

The responses back to 50 from Jadakiss, Styles P, Fat Joe, Nas and other were hard-hitting but weren’t enough to shatter 50’s stock, 50 played the game to the fiddle and ended up shattering another record by selling 1.5 million records the first week.

Vicious Lines: Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard/Then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm


2. T-Rock- My Lil Arm

Many people other than long time fans don’t know that T-Rock was an original member of Triple 6(Now Three 6 Mafia). T-Rock like many others that were affiliated with the camp were short-sighted financially and fell out with the crew just like Playa Fly, Skinny Pimp, Koopsta Knicca, and others. T-Rock’s diss towards Three 6 was totally below the belt, sinister in a comical way and also showed that the boy can rap.

He basically mocked DJ Paul’s short arm and used one of their beats in laying down the verbal onslaught. The accusations he made on their about Big Pat really producing their beats and the stabs at Paul’s arm really crossed the line, Shortly afterwards the Hypnotize Camp caught T Rock slipping and broke his collar-bone. DJ Paul even rapped about it on Don’t Start a Riot:

Spice 1

3.Spice 1- You Done Fucked Up

Heres the breakdown of what caused this beef between MC Poohman and the Dangerous Crew. MC Poohman was a West Coast rapper looking to make a name for himself and it’s still unknown how this beef started. Poohman started taking shots at the Dangerous Crew(Including Spice 1, and Too Short). The Dangerous Crew checked him on Get in Where you Fit in, But it was Spice 1’s You Done Fucked up was where they put Poohman’s career in the coffin.

What was so hilarious about “You Done Fucked up” was how Spice reenacted the scene from the movie Menace II Society where Caine was being interrogated by the cop with only MC Poohman playing Caine’s role.


4.The Game-Spider Joke(240 Bars)

Spider Loc was going in on Game for a long period due to his G-Unit affiliation on the G-unit b-team. Spider, 40 Glocc and others were 50’s West muscle so most likely they didn’t take kindly to Game’s shit talking about the Unit.

People feared that since Spider was a Crip and Game was a blood that potential bloodshed were gonna occur on the streets. After being silent for a long period, Game responded to Spider and threw more gasoline on the igniting fire. He not only clowned him for being a wack emcee but he also suggested he talk it to the streets and pulled his card about become a blood and now a G-Unit Crip. This basically killed Spider’s career before it even started. He even featured a certified OG on the track to really pull Spider’s card.

Vicious Lines: You the reason why niggas push mute when they play Madden.(Referring to Spider’s Song on the Madden video game)

Too Short

5.Too $hort- Trouble

This made the list mainly because of Too Short’s verse. Unlike many of the OGs today(JayZ, Nas) whom want to sell the “Diss Me and you wouldn’t get no response” motto. Short Dog on the other hand wasn’t the type to play politics or cared how big or how small his opponents were. You disrespected $hort, He was gonna put a foot in your ass. This is exactly what he did to the Luniz and former friend Dru Down whom were throwing diss records at him.

More coming next week!

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