Fat Joe The Darkside III Review


“When you go to Fat Joe Da Gangsta, I got Darkside 3 dropping at the end of this month and it’s just straight boom-bap hip-hop. I don’t even know how to explain it to you,” he said. “I think some songs don’t even got hooks.”

Fat Joe on what to come from Darkside III

Even though you may feel that alot of Fat Joe’s sugar pop mainstream singles are possibly the most force far-fetched attempts of radio airplay you’ve ever heard, You can’t never deny the fact that Fat Joe has still found a way to stay relevant in hip hop today. Yes since his J.O.S.E. album, Musically Joey Crack has regressed over the years but with his Darkside series, His Darkside Series has been a great platform for Joey Crack to revisit his hardcore roots or being more of himself. The Darkside III follows the trend.

I don’t know if its Kendrick’s King of New York claim or the talk of the City of NY becoming soft, Whatever the case maybe, Something clearly motivated Joe to step back in the dungeons of rap reminisce of his 90s boom bap style. Joe has always had a great ear for production as he recruited boom bap beatmakers such as 9th Wonder, DJ Premier,and Diamond D to give it that early hardcore East Coast sound. It’s not as gritty or grimy as songs coming from the late 90s but Joey still knocks it out the box. Songs such as Grimey in the 90s, Your Honor which features a blazing verse from Action Bronson, Cypher and Angel Sings capture the essence of that East Coast sound that the region sorely needs at this point.

Production wise this mixtape is a banger! You can’t even front on the incredible production behind songs such as MGM Grand and Madison Squares but sometimes Fat Joe’s light weight bars are really hard to digest because you get clear indication of how much of a decent emcee he really is. Those are some instances where the production overshined the rapper and in Fat Joe’s case, Its evident throughout.

I wish there were some more tracks on here because Darkside III leaves you wanting for more, But nevertheless this is a right step in the direction that NY need to take to re-capture their identity. Hopefully this is an appetizer for what to come for NYC to come back.

Vic Rating: 8.0 outta 10

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