Cypress Hill Temples of Boom Review


I knew from the day Cypress Hill’s 1991 self titled album that I was gonna become a official fan of the Hill’s music. B.Real had a very distinct voice which stood out from the rest of his peers, Muggs would supply the smoke-filled bangers reminiscing similar to a west coast Erick Sermon and Sen Dog would basically play the role of the groups hypeman. They since grew a huge following among Latinos and Mexicans which led them to open up doors for many such as Fat Joe, Big Pun, South Park Mexicans

Temples of Boom is possibly one of their darkest albums because Muggs seemed to slowly shift away from making the East Coast funk bangers into incorporating more of that Wu Tang influence. You would also know that their being more open in representing their blood set(Hence Throw Ya Set in the Air) and the album is more street than their first previous efforts. But The Hill has always keep it “keep it Real ” with their sound. Never being the ones to sell out or focus on the commercial side of things. The Hill on Temples of Boom catered to their core which were the weed-heads, the gang-bangers, and people who hated Ice Cube at that time.

Sen Dog was missing for this album and like I mentioned before The album production has more of a RZA influence with thumping Piano keys and a darker flow like that of the Gravediggaz at some sorts. One of My personal favorite tracks has to be Strictly Hip Hop where B-Real is taking his shots at sellouts and Hypocrites of the Industry. They also take aim at Everlast and House of Pain as they feel that they are no longer down with the team for whatever reason.

The album’s most controversial track during that time was no question No Rest for the The Wicked aimed square at their then friend turned foe Ice Cube. The issue stems from the fact that the Hill felt that Cube copied their hook from Throw Ya Sets in the air for his own track Friday off the Friday Soundtrack. Either it sounds like a coincidence or a blatant jack because theirs portions that sound like the Hill’s version. The track was very vicious and set off what would be a 2 year feud between the Westside Connection and The Hill.

Of course there are songs that cater to their base which are mainly the songs about getting high. I’m sure Cypress hill die hard fans would appreciate songs like Illusions which is dark and feels like B.Real is battling reality and insanity after smoking some angel dust or some serious chronic to make him Hallucinate. Killafornia is another dope song that lets out of towners know that California isn’t just about Palm Trees and Good weed. The most surprising track on the album was Killa Hill Niggaz which was produced by the RZA. Considering that Wu Tang was so abundant about people copying their style, It was surprising hearing them on this record being that Muggs used their style quite a bit here. But nevertheless you can tell there’s a mutual respect between the camps and U God BODIED this cut.

Overall this is possibly the best album from the Hill. Also possibly their most personal considering that they laid alot of their issues out on the table with whom they were beefing with at the time. It was also their most vocal in terms of letting them know what their gang affiliation were by banging hard for their set. Hip hop fans would definitely love this joint!

Vic Da Ruler 9.0 outta 10

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