Vic’s Most UNDERRATED Diss records by Vic Da Ruler

Two years ago I did a post about my top 20 favorite diss records of all time, It caused a major discussion between me and my peers because I ranked Nas’s Ether at #1 and 2Pac’s Hit Em Up at #2. The discussion is still open for anyone that wants to continue. This time around I want to focus on what I feel was the most UNDERRATED diss records of all time in my opinion. Part 2 is gonna come real soon


1.Camron-You Gotta Love It

When it comes to diss records, Killa Cam is possibly one of the best to have ever done it. His diss records that were aimed at Nas, Stan Spit, 50 Cent were vicious, humorous, and most importantly factual. Camron’s first strike was the skit I’m a Biter not a Writer exposing that JayZ has borrow and jacked most of his well-known lines from many of his peers and his enemies.

What made You Gotta Love It so vicious was how he brought out most of the facts. He talked about Jay stole the ROC from Dame Dash, How he stole so much from Biggie that he has to pay Biggie’s mother for publishing rights, his style of dressing and his looks. I know it sounds basic but the way Cam says it comes across as hysterical!

Disrespectful lines:

Beyonce fiance, check my 2nd LP (check my second album)
I might bring it back, that’s your girl, that’s your world
Had the thing, fucking singing bout slinging crack (word)


2.Crooked I Slap Back

This was Crooked’s response to Snoop Dogg’s Pimp Slap. Lets just say that Snoop was lucky that this remained UNRELEASED.

Disrespectful lines:

“I’m in my prime like Pac when he took the label from You, BITCH NIGGA!”


3.DMX They Want War

This feud marked the beginning of the end for Ja Rule’s career. The start of this feud was that DMX claimed that he seen Ja Rule at a club and Ja gave him the cold shoulder by acting Hollywood.

Before 50 was able to shut the lid into Ja Rule’s casket, DMX was the first to put it in the body. They Want War was possibly DMX at his most vicious, But the beef between 50 and Ja would soon eclipse it.

Disrespectful lines:
Me Jealous of what? The way you running around dancing in bitches videos?/You embarrassing me Junior, I love you like a son/ You been on my dick since 4,3,2,1,!


4.Ludacris Bing Bada Boom

Drake and Big Sean threw some jabs at Ludacris and claim credit to making the Super duper flow(Which was originated from the 80s originally) Seeing these new jacks taking swipes at him in interviews and talking slick in songs, Luda took the time to school these youngsters by giving them a History Lesson:

And just like a good OG would do, He didn’t copp a plea, punk out or apologize. He went at both of these youngsters to let them know that they need to respect the veterans who created the platform for them to eat. He also introduced the invitation to a battle by further giving them a history of rap beefs

He not only checked both Drake and Big Sean by letting them know that they can’t use that “He doesn’t sell enough records” argument because he has the numbers,tax bracket and credentials to back it up But he also hit them with vicious blows and gave off a warning that if they want to bark back at him then be ready.

Disrespectful lines:

Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing their flows
But I can’t steal what you never made up bitch
Y’all some duplicate rap cloning niggas
I manufacture you hoes — put on your makeup, bitch!


5. Gucci Mane-The Truth

I know people whom are reading this are like “What?! “Gucci Mane?!” Let me break down the reasons why. Although I can’t really digest a full Gucci album, He has his moments where he makes entertaining records. He also has the stripes and street credibility to back up alot of his tough talk on record as well.

Jeezy and Gucci’s feud dates back to 2004. There was what DJ Drama would call a “Cease Fire” and the two seemingly squashed their feud or agreed to co-exist. For some reason, Gucci broke the mold and released this diss record titled The Truth aimed at Young Jeezy which had potential to make blood spill.

Gucci brought up alot of dirt on Jeezy, Jeezy bring sprung off Keisha Cole, How soft Jeezy is and even bragged heavily about killing his friend. VERY disrespectful and it also showed that Gucci can rhyme good when he wants too.

Disrespectful lines:

Go dig ya partner up, Bet HE CANT SAY SHIT!

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5 Responses to Vic’s Most UNDERRATED Diss records by Vic Da Ruler

  1. How ironic! I am planning on writing something on Ja Rule. HAHA! It’s funny tho bc Ja is wayyyyy better off than DMX is. X’s life is in shambles these days. So, who’s winning? Wasted talent! *shrugs*

    • Vic Da Rula says:

      WOW! But I always thought Ja Rule was a mark so I never really dug his music aside from his first album and some cuts. I gotta admit LOOSE CHANGE went hard. I may have to feature that in part 2

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  3. arabbb says:

    I gotta say that Young Jeezy’s “Stay Strapped” (his “freestyle” over T.I.’s “ASAP”) is dope and one of my favorite disses.

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