A message to 40 Glocc: SITCHO ASS DOWN!

40 glocc 1

“You damn near 40 years old Nigga! You Aint a OG
You still don’t got a deal nigga You Aint a OG
You get beat up in your hood Nigga You Aint a OG!
You Never gonna be a Star You Aint a OG
Nobody gonna never know who you are You Aint a OG

Daz Dillinger on the diss Record towards 40 Glocc titled Weenie Glocc

Anybody that knows me personally will tell you that there are moments where I can get REALLY gritty when it comes to delivering those pipe-bombs aka the cut throat truth, Especially towards individuals whom are really deserving of feeling the wrath at times.

Now I don’t know 40 Glocc personally, I don’t want to know him personally or don’t even care if he sends me or the Grid team 50,000 threats on twitter after what I’m gonna say here The reality of the situation is Lawrence White aka 40 Glocc has time and time again proven to be an embarrassment to not only to hip hop culture but mainly to himself. So what I feel he needs to do with his life is that he needs to just vanish from the game.


Even though 40 Glocc became a household name overnight by getting his ass beat on Camera by his arch rival The Game, People don’t know that 40 Glocc has been in the game for a LONG TIME. He use to be apart of Mobb Deep’s West Coast muscle and would soon be appointed to the G-Unit West Coast B team alongside Spider Loc, Hot Rod,and others. He was also apart of the star-studded group started by Kurupt titled the Riflemen which also consisted of Jayo Felony and Mobb Deep. From what I heard from heard, It had potential to pop off but for some reason it never got off the ground.

On the contrary of what many think, I don’t think 40 is a bad rapper. He’s had some good songs but he wasn’t that great. I’d consider him a West Coast version of Benzino but only on a lower scale. But seeing that his music wasn’t popping off and 50 wasn’t gonna give him a time of day, He figure he prove that he’s “about that life” by going at rappers on the streets. Here you can find 40 and his goon squad rolling deep chasing Plies out of LA, Snatching Tyga’s Young Money chain and supposing punking Cash Money out in LA(Which ended up to be a total farce because Wayne and Baby weren’t even there in their respective cars).

Despite building a reputation of being a bully on the streets, The demand for 40 Glocc’s music was still at an all time low. He even thought that by changing his name from 40 Glocc to the god awful moniker Big Bad 40 that he was able to get more radio play within the market and even that wasn’t working. He even tried A GOD AWFUL crossover attempt by featuring C list singer Ray J on what he thought was gonna be the biggest single of his life titled Damn and it flopped like a dead fish.

He thought that he could impress 50 by being 50’s mouthpiece and go at 50’s adversaries Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Buck, Dipset, The Game and others but 50 could have really cared less because it wasn’t gonna double 50’s dollars. 50 Cent wasn’t gonna invest big money on what would consider to be a tax write off so shortly 40 and the Unit parted ways respectfully.

A Reputation Tarnished

Even though the music career wasn’t gonna pop off, At least 40 thought he would have his street credibility to fall back on and that would still be enough for him to at least be takened seriously as a rapper with street credentials. But as they say what goes around comes around as 40’s bully reputation like Suge Knight’s in the latter years would be diminished. Starting with him getting beat down by Game’s affiliate and BWS Member Menace

But it wasn’t gonna get any better. As a matter of fact this incident would mark the end of 40 Glocc’s gangsta image as we know it today. The Game not only caught him after years of 40 Glocc running his mouth about him. But he literally gave him that handwork WHILE being on his cell phone. This would go down as possibly one of the saddest but funniest scenarios within hip hop history. It was street justice handed back to 40 Glocc in the worst way because 40 has done it to others so karma came back to him in the worst way.


A Walking Joke
It seemed that the beatdown that Game delivered knocked every ounce of street cred out of 40. He further damaged his sagging credibility by SUING The Game for damages done to him. This is whats very puzzling because how are you gonna call yourself a “Gangsta rapper” and then sue someone for beating you up? Since when so-called gang bangers started suing? Especially when 40 built a reputation off doing this to other people himself, There shouldn’t even be no pity shown. Whats even more laughable is him explaining himself about WHY he’s suing Game:

And it doesn’t stop from there. He takes a picture wearing a YMCMB T-Shirt throwing up a blood sign(Which would be treason considering he’s supposed to be a Crip). He spent years going at Cash Money and now trying to join? What makes him think that Baby gonna even waste a penny on this cat? He has NO classic records, NO memorable verses, NO standout albums or even proved to be a great rapper within his own D list camp.

40 glocc beat

It doesn’t even stop here. 40 went on a total emotional meltdown on Twitter and according to the Game was KNOCKED OUT AGAIN at a club. He even released a embarrassing tough guy talk video and diss record titled The First 48 aiming at The Game. But considering all of the Losses he’s takened on the streets level along with being a D list type rapper, 40’s diss record was forgetful as any other song he’s ever made in his life.

So the smart move would be for 40 Glocc to just disappear from rap and from music period. Stay his old ass out of the hoods and the streets because he stay getting beat up everywhere he goes, Stop trying to pursue music because he couldn’t even get in that door despite having connections to 50 Cent and Mobb Deep. Just sit your ass down and just walk away with possible monies he may win off this lawsuit with Game. It’s the best move for him

Vic Da Ruler

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