Juicy J Stay Trippy Review


2012 was a big year for Jordan (Juicy J) Houston, Hip Hop has always been youth driven and many from Juicy’s peer group have either been lost in the shuffle or struggle with being relevant in trying to keep up with the forever changing climate of the game. Juicy scored a MAJOR hit in 2012 with the strip club anthem Bandz to Make her Dance and showed that he’s still a hit maker.

The final two members of Three 6 Mafia(Paul and Juicy) disbanded shortly after label politics at Columbia sabotaged their Last 2 Walk album. Both Juicy J and Paul have since went separate paths in trying their hand at finding solo success. DJ Paul’s releases have been geared towards the streets and their fanbase whom already supported them from the beginning while Juicy J have been focused more on trying to grab the Mainstream audiences. He started by signing to new comer Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang label in 2011 and It looked to be a smart business move.

Juice also wanted to show that he’s willing to grind his way to standing out in the midst of his peers. Throughout 2011-2013 His mixtape series with Lex Luger also gave him a major buzz on the streets as well as the clubs all across the country so Stay Trippy comes across as a toast of celebration for his hardwork. This is where Stay Trippy comes across as the epitome of what “Life is Good” is all about.

If you’ve been following Three 6 Mafia since the beginning stages of their careers, It becomes obvious by looking at the guest list that this is a clear attempt from the Juice to cross over as a solo artist. There isn’t any features from none of the Mafia members with the exception of Project Pat so that raises the question further of a possible rift between DJ Paul and Juicy. Whereas Paul has seemingly to be Anti Industry or not Industry friendly, Juicy seems to be more open to work with anyone and thats usually a gift and the curse.

You should know what you’re gonna get when listening to a Juicy J album. You’re not gonna get an album full of social commentary, living the dream, or struggle. This album is strictly for the clubs, the rides, the strip clubs, the trap and the stoners. The reason why Three 6 gets a pass is because they are the PIONEERS of the sound that many are trying to emulate today.

Juicy J’s Stay Trippy tells the story of a dude who’s made it, he’s rich as fuck and he’s wiling to party at every club while counting stacks. Yes the music is ignorant, its sexist at times and it covers every negative of what hardcore hip hop fans feel is wrong with rap today. Well it is but what makes Stay Trippy standout is that Juice’s flow along with hypnotic production makes it Guilty Pleasure.

You have the clear attempts at Radio with songs such as Bounce It, The Woods, Talk About it and the album smash single Bandz Make her Dance which became a hit across radio, strip clubs, and made Miley Cirus(for what its worth)more well-known into the hip hop community. Those songs are either hits(Bandz) or straight misses(The Timberlake featured The Woods)so it sorta of drags the album along.

But true Three 6 fans shouldn’t be too disappointed. There are still songs that go back to the drawing board of that classic Three 6 mafia recipe. Juice still shows that he’s about to goon talk on the Gun and Mask, Smoking and Rollin which features a Posthumous unreleased verse from the late Pimp C, and the very hard knocking Introduction titled Stop Em where Juice lets his peers know about his resume’ that he’s not no new coming and he’s an established vet.

Theres instances where the mainstream guest appearances work for the better(Show Out featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy) while there’s instances where it just doesn’t click(Talkin Bout featuring Chris Brown and Wiz) You can’t but to yearn for some appearances from the HCP camp to balance out the album because some of the songs sound alike at times.

But this is an overall good album considering Juice’s attempts to crossover. He shows that he still knows how to make bangers thats guaranteed to knock in clubs, the streets and strip clubs throughout the country. It’s not as good as Blue Dream and Lean but a pretty solid offering. Fans of Molly Music will surely be pleased but its still not the same without the core members of the group.

Vic Rating 7.5 outta 10

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