The Hidden Jabs of Shawn Carter Part II


Do it Again

Major Figgas

How the fuck you gon’ talk about MC’s on our heel?
When we just cop them things homie the chromey wheels
Both arms are chunky the sleeves on chill
Any given times a hundred G’s in your grill
Don’t talk to me ’bout MC’s got skills
“He’s alright, but he’s not real”
Jay-Z’s that deal, with seeds in a field
Never fear for war, hug, squeeze that steel
Fuck, you gotta a flow that’s cool with me
You got a little dough that cool with me
You got a little cars, little jewelries
But none of y’all motherfuckers could fool with me

This part was directed at the Philly group Major Figgas. They were having issues with Beanie Sigel at the time and JayZ was letting them know that they were small time in comparison to the ROC.

I came back and it’s plain, y’all niggaz ain’t rappin the same
Fuck the flow, y’all jackin our slang
I seen the same shit happen to Kane
Three cuts in your eyebrows tryin to wild out
The game is ours, we’ll never foul out
Y’all just better hope we gracefully bow out
Throw yo’ hands up – niggaz, bitches, bustas

More shots at Gillie the Kidd and Major Figgas because they felt that they were copying State Property with their flow and slang. The 3 Cuts on your eyebrow trying to Wild Out were directed to the LOX with 3 Cuts(Jada,Sheek Styles) and referencing to Wild Out which was their hit song on the streets at the time. Jadakiss threw shots back on his hit single a year later titled Put Your Hands Down when was a response to this song”

What More Can I Say

50 cENT

A CEO’s mind, that marketin plan was me
And no I ain’t get shot up a whole bunch of times
Or make up shit in a whole bunch of lines
And I ain’t animated like say I +Busta Rhymes+
But the real shit you get when you bust down my lines
Add that to the fact I went plat’ a bunch of times

This was a diss to 50 Cent. Him and JayZ had an off and on rivalry going since 1999. 50 threw some shots at Jay on the Soldier remix off one of his mixtapes and this was JayZ telling him that his whole way of marketing his music was him and he didn’t need a gimmick to sell records. He also implicated that He exaggerated his shooting by saying he don’t have to make up shit in a bunch of his lines.(50’s hype was based on him being shot 9 times) Busta Rhymes caught offense to this line and dissed Jay HARD

busta diss

Watch What You say Lil Wayne


Rap music is something ain’t it? The way these pictures is painted
You swear these niggas is dangerous, the gangsta shit they be saying
Lock em up in the booth with a half ounce of that cannabis
Sit back, and watch the outlandish shit they portraying
But, soon as you see em they freeze up like in museums
Them statues, you like, “Is that the dude, that said he was gonna (pop you)”
Niggas get running before you finish ya sentence
And then they back to riffing, when they off at the safe distance

Jayz is amazed at how people think that they can come at him at any form of fashion. You swear these niggas is dangerous, The gangsta shit they be saying line was aimed at Jim Jones for all of that tough talk. The lines about locking them in the booth with a half of Canibus and watch what their saying is about Lil Wayne because he would talk real reckless under the influence of drugs. He also talks about how they quick to diss him and then pay homage a minute later.

You like, you was just here, you disappear like magicians
In thin air, I’m like damn, nigga at least keep it consistent
I hear you baiting me lately, I been doing my best just to stay hater free
Still watch what you say to me
Sooner or later I take you up on your offer
And put you all in ya place like I’m replacing ya father
You talking, to the author, the architect of The Blueprint
My DNA in ya music, muthafucka you stupid?

This part here was responses to Lil Wayne’s taunts made towards him around that time in interviews when he said that he’s a better rapper than him and how he can’t fuck with him. Jay also lets him know that the reason why he’s where he’s at is because he took his style and wanted to rap like him. He further tells him that he’s the originator and he might as well could be his father because his whole style(DNA) is in his music.

Is that Your Bitch


No need for a serious breakdown here. Both of these verses were directly to Nas and he’s bragging about smashing his baby mama Carmen. This was what really started the war of words between the two. Nas threw some lines at him on We Will Survive and Jay’s verse was disrespectful to where they had to even edit some of them and replace it.

Takeover Jab to DMX
“Don’t Bark Up that Tree, That Tree will fall on you”

DMX and Jay had a competitive thing going. DMX threw a shot at JayZ on Jadakiss’s Uh Huh where he said “I only gave you the crown so I can shoot on off your fucking head”. This was also the same track where Jadakiss waged war on Beanie Sigel so Jay addressed DMX indirectly.




Hov gon’ get you, I aint forget your little disrespect
NO Hov, daddy gon’ spank your for that shit you said
It’s hard to do, when you got nothin to prove
Everybody know you better, you in a lose lose
Even if you win, ultimately you lose
Real niggahz like, “why Hov talking to dude”
He’s selling low too
Only time you went plat
My chain was around youR neck, thats an actual fact

So I’m praying that it spills outside of the Booth
Thats when y’all niggahz outside of your truth
Outside of your league, thats not what you do
Niggahz throwing ROC signs outside of your coupe
Dun look at Hove like he dun something wrong to em
He just took what belong to em
Niggahz playing Checkers with Chess playing Hov
This game is over I dunno if y’all know
You in a hole

This whole verse was a response to Camron. Camron was going at both JayZ and Nas throughout 2006 and mid 2007 so Jay addressed Cam throughout this whole verse by telling him the only reason he went platinum for the first time was because he had a Rocafella chain and mocked where Cam got shot in D.C. by some Rocafella goons.




I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them
Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, heh
Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew
I probably make more money off yo’ album, than you
You see the respect I get everytime I come through
Check your own videos, you’ll always be number two
Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records
but I’m platinum a million times nigga, check the credits

S. Carter, ghost writer, and for the right price

After years of speculation, The answer to this was that he was talking about Mase in this song. Mase dissed Jay on the 112 record Love Me where he was talking about “All we hear is platinum that, platinum this / Platinum whips, nobody got no platinum hits.” Jay also brought up how Mase was getting fucked out of his publishing by Puffy(which was true) to where he possibly made more money off his feature than Mase did on his own album. He also talked about how he will always be number 2(He was Puffy’s sidekick and 2nd fiddle at the time. The beef started over a woman named Adorn off the Mase skit from his Harlem World album

This further proves that JayZ is probably one of the biggest sneak dissers of all time!

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4 Responses to The Hidden Jabs of Shawn Carter Part II

  1. jarell says:

    You gotta add the last verse to “thank you” he got at jim jones hard

  2. Joedolphin says:

    Busta rhymes killing it ripping jay to shreds

  3. Joedolphin says:

    Busta Rhymes killing Jay, damn man Jay z lucky busta nice if you apologize lol

  4. j says:

    Jay z ripped busta Rhymes to shreds back in high school

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