Boo Ya T.R.I.B.E. West Koasta Nostra Review


I wasnt really familiar with the Boo Ya Tribe or their music like that. I knew that they have been in the game for a long time(Underground) and they were affiliated with Death Row Records but otherwise I was never familiar with their music nor what they looked like.The first thing that caught my attention was the promotional ads that was ran in the Source and XXL about these cats. One thing the average consumer couldn’t help to notice is that they looked VERY intimidating these guys really look. It’s clear that they are deeply rooted in the streets and judging by the guest list on the album. its clear that their very RESPECTED.

Lyrically these guys aren’t too special but they have their moments(Especially front man Gangsta Ridd). You know what to expect from these cats, Its certified West Coast Gangsta music so with a jam-packed cast of guests and Battlecat handling the whole album. This whole album was west coast to the core so anybody whose a fan of boom bap or trap music won’t digest this too heavily.

The Production which is entirely handled by Battlecat(Get well soon!)is very impressive. He continues to show why he’s one of the best producers of the West Coast as he lays down his trademark left coast sound throughout. The guest appearances hold their own on Bang Out(With Mack 10), On Me,(With Kurupt), N Full Motion (With WC) and Take Yo Fade(With Death Row and Kokane) are some of the album’s main highlights

But the album takes a bizarre turn to say the least with 9-1-1-(which is produced by Eminem) Its a very weird combination on paper but it works out pretty good. It’s strange to hear based that Gangsta Ridd and the Tribe are affiliated with Death Row and have thrown shots at Dr Dre during that time.

Eminem(especially during this time period) was in full gangsta mode on this album and it still comes across very weird. But nevertheless this is a very dope but strange collab with B-real comes delivering as well.

There are also funky tracks such as Carson City(which samples the classic Roger Troutman joint, Zodiack Kreep which is for the ladies and Legends feature the whole Tribe explaining how their legends in the underground Rap Scene. This song was also featured in the True Crime Streets of LA Video Game as well.

There isn’t really any real terrible songs on here. Battlecat’s production is tight throughout and does a tremendous job of taking the listener into the West Coast lifestyle. I wish there were more tracks featured on this album which could have featured more West Coast rappers like Xzibit, Cube, and a few others. The album’s predictable subject matter also becomes a key element throughout the album as their basically riding shotgun to Battlecat production. But nevertheless fans of West Coast hip hop and G-Funk would love this album.

Vic Da Ruler Rating: 8.0 outta 10

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