DMX-And There Was X Review

DMX-And There was X Review


Riding off the heavy momentum of 2 grand slam albums along with the momentum off the Hard Knock Life and Ruff Ryders/Cash Money Tour. DMX clearly was one of the biggest players in 1999. The close the 4th quarter of that year off, X released his 3rd solo album which led to possibly his biggest and most successful album to date.

Wheras many have claimed that this is DMX’s worst album. I’d have to strongly disagree because this was a overall solid album. This was also the album where X started to take a downslide but it has many moments to where the pros out weigh the negatives. One of the things that we all have to commend DMX for is that he refuses to sell out his image or his music for record sales. Which is further why DMX’s music was heavily embraced.

And There was X has its moments when DMX gets down and gritty. Specially on songs such as One More Road to Cross, More 2 a Song which is a personal favorite where he’s taking aim at platinum flossing rappers and Whats My Name which although is basic is pretty dope thanks to X’s energy and Irv Gotti’s simple piano loop beat. The album’s best track of the album no question is the one that showcased X’s more spiritual side.The song titled Angel showcases DMX’s more sensitive side as he has another conversation with God as he talks to the higher power so he can seek guidance to battle his demons.

As for Crossover songs, The album has two of them and they come off sounding solid but not as grimy as Get At Me Dog or Stop Being Greedy, What these Bitches Want featuring Sisqo may have left alot of DMX’s hardcore fans scratching their heads but the track comes off very catchy due to the Sisqo hook and enough hood appeal to not turn off his core.

The album’s other mainstream song titled Party Up is possibly the biggest hit of DMX’s career. This song is STILL a club anthem to this day and also one of DMX’s strongest lyrically. Its unknown that he’s talking about Eminem or Kurupt(whom he was beefing with at the time) on this song but listening to the bars, Its clear one of the two got caught up in the mix so the listener would have to be the judge.

Like many of the Ruff Ryder Projects during that period, The Swizz Beatz style of sound at that time could be very repetitive and tiresome. Swizz was also clearly losing steam throughout this album and it clearly showed that his sound was ran to death.. Aside from the hardcore D.X.L Featuring The LOX, Some of the albums material is forgettable, Tracks such as Fame, Make a Move, Coming For Ya, and Dont You Ever are all forgettable uninspired tracks due to Swizz’s ran to the ground style at the time.

But despite the dull moments, This is a solid album that could have been a whole lot better had X had more producers whom could provide that gutter hardcore sound other than Swizz. This was still a solid offering from the dog and definitely worth checking.

Vic Da Ruler: 7.0 Outta 10

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