C-Murder Bossaline Review


C-Murder - Bossaline

No Limit was losing a bit of steam going into 1999 but that didn’t stop them from releasing solid releases. Pretty much most hip hop artists have experienced it and C-Murder is the next name on the list. I thought C’s debut album Life or Death was one of 98’s best albums, The production on that album blended nicely with C-Murder’s lyrical Thuggery, His 2nd album however is pretty solid followup which showed more lyrical growth and tackled more issues.

Starting with the song Like a Jungle which shows C-Murder’s lyrical growth as a artist as he tackles issues that the system has against blacks. He even goes in-depth in talking about black leaders like Martin and Malcolm being struck down in their peak. I also like the fact that C showed different sides of himself this time around on Bossalanie. Whereas on Life or Death, It was a 100% gutta shit, Bossaline covers different grounds. The Song Nasty Chick is a story about how he caught his girlfriend cheating on him and Don’t Wanna Be Alone is possibly one of the best ride or die for my lady songs in hip hop as he tackles the issues of him and his lady surviving a up and down relationships.

Within 1999 No Limit reached out to different camps to do music which came sort of as a surprise because No Limit was strictly clickish during that period. Tha Dogg Pound Gangstas represent on 3 of the albums highlights Gangsta Walk, Murder N Daz and Ghetto Millionaire which could be due to Snoops signing. But the biggest surprise is the appearance from Goodie Mob on Dedication which is another one of the album’s strong points.

Theres still some hard No Limit affiliated songs such as Ride on You Bustaz, Can’t Hold Me back, and Lil Niggas which features Master P doing his best impersonation and even though with the album clocking at 28 songs that it can be a bit overkill. Especially when C tried to re-create Tupac’s When We Ride on our Enemies along with trying to remake the magic of the dope track Making Moves off his first album with a remake. But this is a strong offering from C-Murder based off the fact that he showed more diversity. Its not as hardcore as Life or Death but its still gutta and worth checking out.

Vic Rating: 8.5 outta 10

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