Styles P F.L.O.A.T. Review



I’ve been saying this for years: Styles P is the most consistent member of the LOX. The body of work speaks for it self: Ghost in the Shell, Gangstas and Gentleman, The Green Ghost Project, Diamond Life, and The Hardest MC out are some of the releases that made Styles stand out as one of the hardest spitters in NY. Jadakiss may be more witter and clever with the punch lines but when it came to album releases, He served more misses than Hits. Sheek Louch has done a great job at showing that he’s more than a weak link of the group but as of this point, Styles P has surpassed both.

What I have always respected about Styles is that he’s about his craft. While Jadakiss stay trying to chase Platinum plaques even if it means jumping on the South Bandwagon(Case and example his mixtape), Styles P keeps it hardcore and true to the 90s boom bap sound at times throughout F.L.O.A.T. which is entirely produced by Scram Jones. Scram been producing bangers left and right for everyone from Saigon to Prodigy to Raekwon and he does a superb of supplying Styles heat for the summer.

Styles have shown within every album that he’s a serious artist and that he can balance the tough talk with showing that he can balance it with substance by providing with real grown man rap mixed with social commentary. But when it comes to delivering hardcore style music, Style’s still proves he’s one of the hardest spitters of the big Apple. Scram provides different elements with his style on this album. Whenever its late 90s boom bap or at times sampling portions of classic 80s party joints.

By Now you should know what to expect from Styles. There have been many complaints about the lack of diversity. Well Styles is a HARDCORE emcee. His moniker is the “Hardest Rapper Out” what do you expect? For him to sing songs like Drake? He shows why he deserves that title on songs such as Red Eye, Mansion Murder, and Screw Yall which is set off perfectly with a sample from the movie Baby Boy which sets the them for Styles Backed against the wall attitude approaching the song.

The guest appearances are few and between. Basically from the era where Styles thrived from. Raekwon, NORE, and his D-Block commrads make appearances throughout but they don’t take too much shine from the man himself. My only complaint is that its way too short and I can do without a few tracks but this is a great appetizer for D-Block fans. Hopefully theres a LOX album in the horizon

Vic Rating: 8 outta 10

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