Scarface My Homies Review(Throwback)


Let me be the first to say for those who are clearly mistaken. This is NOT a Scarface album. Rap A Lot thought that it would push more units by banking on Scarface’s name and labeling it as a Face album instead of a Rap-A Lot Compilation. It may disappoint many that are expecting a Face solo album but this is not only a great introduction for the friends of Face but also for Rap A lot Artists who just signed to the label to get some mic time.

Since this is a Double CD I’m gonna review it separately by Disc:

Disc one is my personal favorite out of the two discs because it has alot more highlights and less filler,, Face goes solo on the album’s first track titled Ma Homiez, A track where Face gives his props to all those that are his homeboys in every hood or ghetto across the board.

There are alot of good songs on here such as Do What You Do featuring B Legit and Gheto Boy’s comrade Bushwick Bill who steals the show by rhyming about the usual bugged out shit, South Side Houston Texas featuring Deviin and Tela is pretty funky with them paying homage to their homeland in Texas over a Tupac California Love sample.

The Gheto is possibly one of the best songs of the album where it features OGs Ice Cube and Willie D wrecking havoc showing that they can still hang with the best of them. My personal favorite track throughout the first disc has to be Fuckfaces which is a silky smooth playa classic where he shares mic time with Devin the Dude and Too Short spitting nasty X rated raps.

Disc One slows up momentum wise as we reach into the middle of it,Tracks like Rules 4 Real Niggas and 2 Real gives the listener insights on the rules of how to survive in the street game and also get the pleasure of listening to cats like UGK and Hoodlumz represent nicely on the tracks respectively. Pimp C’s insightful and at times very spiritual verse stands out. Theres also the nice touch up remix to Homies and Thuggs which is featured on Disc One.

There are some weak spots on Disc One. I can do without Win Lose or Draw, Krunch Time and Whats Goin on but

Disc Two also has some stellar moments and part of them occur when Devin the Dude is really getting the chance to shine., Songs like Do What You Do, Boo Boo”n and Use Them Hoes display’s Devins witty personality and charisma on the mic. He come’s across as a Southern version of Nate Dogg with his clever and cool demeanor and style of crooning.

There are also some standout songs on Disc Two such as the original version Homies and Thuggs featuring Master P and the Ghost of Tupac The beat on here is just sick, Face comes correct, Master P sounds decent for his caliber but its the ghost of Tupac that steals the show on here.

In an attempt to show Versatility, Warriors turn out to be a bizarre Rock Song that surprisingly turns out decent, There are also samples of Raekwon’s criminology track on there so that may catch alot of heads off guard but it’s not that bad to say the least. But Disc Two even though as not as dope as
the first disc do have some bright moments. songs such as In My Blood(which features a stellar cameo from Luniz member Yukmouth), Who Run This, Cocaine, City Under Seige and the other Scarface solo track titled Greed are hard knockers.

The Bottom line is that although I wish Scarface would have been featured on more tracks(He’s not even rhyming on half of them). Disc Two has its dull moments as well but the good overlooks the bad and the album as a whole turns out pretty good, Its takes the listener on tour of how these cats down south are living in the projects from all over the country.

Rap A Lot have cats on the roster with some potential such as Devin, Yukmouth, Big Mike, DMG, Tela, Do or Die, Face Mob and The Hoodlumz and plenty of others to carry the torch for Rap A Lot’s future. Although it’s not Scarface’s best solo album(nor is it tended to be one). It’s still worth checking out

Vic Rating: 8 outta 10

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