Master P MP Da Last Don Review(Throwback)

Master P - MP Da Last Don

Master P and No Limit came into 1998 with a vengeance. Building off his smash 5th album titled Ghetto D, He had the whole entire Rap World on lock and had the country screaming UGGGH”. He also opened up alot of doors for the South on the Independent level as well, Establishing himself as not only one of Hip Hop’s biggest rappers but also one of Hip Hop’s most successful C.E.O.s as well. Then to make No Limit much stronger, He scored a major acquisition in signing Snoop Dogg from Death Row Records. With Gold and Platinum releases left and right P decides to followup with a Double CD titled MP Da Last Don(which was supposed to have been his last album) thinking it was gonna be the Icing on the cake. When compared to his earlier efforts such as 99 ways to die, Ice Cream Man or Ghetto D, Its kinda of like a disappointment but this is probably his last good album.

Master P still remains in the Gangsta mode for this album but at the same time he comes across as having an identity crisis. One minute he’s emulating Tupac Shakur, The next he’s emulating Tony Montana, The next He’s copying Scarface. He Vaingloriously boasts about being the last don on the rap game throughout the whole album and not to mention he’s very derivative when it comes to using other peoples music. But with Beats by the Pound putting in work for the entire album. P does a good job of coasting with a strong cast of No limit soldiers along with star-studded guests to ride with.

But this album here is different from his other albums, He seems to have tried to go the Tupac Shakur route and try to speak on more Social Commentary issues such as Racism on Black and White or the questionable biting of the Tupac Concept track titled Dear Mr President where he writes President Clinton a letter explaining the sordid conditions in his neighborhood. There are also very deep songs on the album such as Mama Raised Me, Ghetto Life, and the sequel to I Miss my Homies titled Goodbye to my Homies which is a jack from the classic Boyz II Men song Say Goodbye.

There are some songs for the clubs as well. Tracks like Hot Boys and Girls, Thug Girl(which is a sample from Run DMC’s Dumb Girl), and the sequel to Make em Say Ugh are pretty good. The Sequel to Make em say Ugh two isnt as energetic as the previous, They come harder lyrically but its the uninspiring ending(which features a laid back Snoop Dogg with a uncinematic finishing verse instead of Mystikal) is what leaves you disappointed.

It’s When MP Da Last Don caters to the streets is where the album reaches highest peaks. He even recruits Bone Thugs N Harmony and E-40 to contribute to Till We Dead and Gone and Get Your Paper respectfully. P also rides shotgun on tracks such as Ride and Let My 9 Get em which is heavily carried with Beats by the Pound knocking production. It’s very surprising that he only has two solo songs on the album but being that this was released in 98(Where having guest appearances on every track was a trend) it isn’t too surprising.

The Streets Keep Me Rollin features Fiend killing his guest spot and shows that Snitches don’t get no love either as Snoop and Master P possibly take some subliminal shots at Suge Knight(It isn’t proven but it is questionable)

There are some weak songs that could have been taken out of the mix. Welcome To My City, War Wounds, The Ghettos’ Got me Trapped, Gangsta Bitch, and the very weak first single Thinkin Bout U stood out like sore thumbs. But nevertheless P, Mr Serv-On and C-murder goes out with a bang on the last track Eternity. C-murder’s addictive course and appearance on this track alone make it worth checking out.

People(including myself) No Limit’s die hard fans considered this a disappointment when comparing to P’s early work The album is pretty much in a league of its own because it’s not good as his previous albums. He tries to show more growth as an artist in some areas even if it means biting Tupac. Had Master P left the game after this album(Rappers were heavy on that This is my last album gimmick then) , No Limit probably would have been more respected and wouldn’t be in the position that they are into today but this is still a good album nevertheless

Vic Rating: 7.5 outta 10

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