Three 6 Mafia- Chapter 2 World Domination Review


The first time I heard of Three 6 Mafia was when I first seen their video titled HIt a Muthafucker for a promotional package for Paul Heymans Renegade Wrestling Company ECW. It was possibly one of the hardest rap records I’ve ever heard and was something I’ve never heard before in hip hop. Between the slowed down and chopped vocal samples along with repetitive hooks, Many would think that this was hypnotic music.

Then when Tear Da Club Up got re-released. It developed such a cult following to where the record was banned across the country. This was my first time getting into the Three six Mafia so I decided to give Chapter 2 World Domination a spin and the experience was like opening up a Pandora’s box.

Off the gate the listener would see that they are a very bizarre group to say the least. The Group has always had a weird way of always mixing their music with Bible and religious references but at the same time rapping about some of the most hazardous shit I’ve ever heard anybody rap about. I’d consider them on the level of Bone Thugs N Harmony but only much darker and at times more satanic.

You can say that their content is pretty much the same as Brotha Lynch Hung’s(only nothing about Cannibalism) Sex, Murder, Rape, Violence, and Drugs are pretty much everyday topics Juicy J, DJ Paul, Crunchy Black, Gangsta Boo and Lord Infamous reflect on. They give you a glimpse of the chaotic world in Memphis and they do a superb job of introducing it to new listeners with their first retail debut(This album. Most of the album’s production done by Juicy J and DJ Paul have this spooky, satanic doomsday feel to it and the album’s extreme content matches perfectly on songs like Hit a Muthafucka, Tear Da Club Up, Who Got Dem 9s and the very spooky I aint Cha Friend where Gangsta Boo shows why she’s the first lady of the camp. She completely DESTROYs this track.

One of my favorite songs on here is Prophet Posse and of course Tear Da Club up where every member of the Hypnotize camp get their shine on. Late Nite Tip was possibly the single that crossed the group into the mainstream with its brilliant loop of the Classic Ease the Pain”. The masterminds behind the Hypnotize sound(Paul and Juicy) continues to show brilliance by flipping the classic Jodeci What about Us into a tale about scandalous hoes on Neighborhood Hoe.

My complaint is that some of the songs on here sound a bit repetitive and too much alike. I could have done without 3-6 in the Morning, Gunclaps, and Flashes which could have helped the album flow more cohesive. But overall this was one of the hardest albums I’ve ever heard. The group would go on to make much better and more cohesive albums after this but people whom are just being introduced into Hypnotized Minds and Three 6 Mafia.

Vic Rating 8 Out of 10

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