DJ Paul- A Person of Interest Review


Three 6 Mafia had quite the year of 2012. With label troubles at Sony holding Paul and Juicy’s music or ability to record new albums on limbo, The two thought for the best that they do separate albums and see if they can succeed as solo acts.

Juicy J caught a surprise hit with Bandz to Make her Dance which was tearing up clubs all over the country. Juicy put in alot of work by doing mixtapes with Lex Luger, inking deals with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang and re-introducing himself to a new legion of fans.

Its proving to be a smart business move because while Juicy is continuing to take the Three 6 Mafia brand to a newer generation, DJ Paul on the other hand with his albums is currently feeding his core that want to hear hypnotic repetitive courses, Smash-mouth production and fight anthems.

Whereas Juicy J is embracing the new mainstream following and doing song with alot of mainstream acts. DJ Paul on the other hand stands on the opposite side of the spectrum. It seems that he’s following the call of long time 3-6 fans whom were sick of the groups pop attempts.

It’s also obvious that he’s not feeling the direction of hip hop today and he vents alot of that throughout this album. He come’s across as an annoyed OG whom is tired of the weak rappers getting pushed. He vents alot of that frustration on the track I Can’t Take it which features DJ Kay SLay.

A Person of Interest follows the old school HCP recipe. Knocking hard beats, Portions sampled from their earlier underground songs along with pimped out sampled grooves which is why they developed a serious following. DJ Paul also stepped his game up as a rapper. His flow for the past couple of years were very choppy and at times off beat but he’s improved throughout on songs such as evident on King Shit, In My Zone, My Pimpin, and Get Em Done.

Even though this is possibly one of the hardest albums to drop in 2012 and I’m glad that he stuck to the script, 24 Tracks prove to be overkill and some of the songs tend to sound repetitive. Theres also songs that could have been left off but nevertheless this is a solid offering from Paul. I’m hoping now for an official Three 6 Mafia Reunion album

Vic Rating: 7.5. Outta 10

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