Lord Infamous- Back From the Dead


Lord Infamous whom was recognized as possibly the best lyricist from the Hypnotized Minds Camp has been through quite the trials and tribulations within the past decade. Despite Three 6 Mafia’s success and their shockingly win at the Oscars, Life among many in the group aside from Juicy and Paul hasn’t been sweet.

Lord Infamous despite being known to many as the groups best rapper has dealt with personal demons and obstacles on his own. It seemed as if what he was rapping about were starting to parallel with his personal life. Between battling drug problems, constant problems with the law along with possible rifts between Lord and Paul and Juicy. It seemed that we were gonna never hear Lord on a Paul and Juicy produced cut again. To make matters even worse, He suffered a stroke due to his indigenous lifestyle which led many to believe that his days as an artist were behind him. Especially when we seen what strokes have done to artists such as the late Nate Dogg.

But in a miracle fashion Lord survived the health scare and vowed to come back to putting out music. When I first heard Lord on DJ Paul’s 2009 album Scale-A -Ton, It’s clear that he hasn’t lost a step and was the clear ingredient that Three 6 have been sorely missing for a long time. Lord would put out albums on an Independent level which would serve as recovery albums. He was recovering and trying to re introduce himself to a new legion of fans along with maintaining his old ones. Since Paul and Juicy were on a much more scale and making more moves on the mainstream level, Lord wanted to reach out to newer and younger producers to recapture his sound so he recruited Georgia Native Big Boi beats6 to produce a bulk of the album.

Big Boibeats whom produced LIl Wytes Still Doubted album did pretty good on an Indie. BigBoiBeats has that signature trap heavy sound that would be the perfect match for Lord’s gruff and sinister delivery. BigBoi6’s sounds rekindle elements of the early Three 6 Mafia sound and you can tell by listening to this album that he was clearly inspired. Big Boi6’s style has a perfect range of bass heavy from laid back to at time darkish that can complement Lord’s vicious and gruff delivery.He’s clearly finding his signature sound niche here and gives Lord that sound thats rekindles that magic that he once had when rapping with HCP.

Listening to Homicide is clear that Lord was a bit rusty. Despite the very snare heavy backdrop set off by BigBoi, It seemed that Lord was a bit out of rhythm and off beat. This could have possibly been one of the first few songs that they did together and it was Lord trying to refind his rhythm in riding a track. Homicide comes across as more of a warmup because throughout the rest of the album Lord finds his rhythm back and showed why he’s still the best rapper from HCP.

He revisits the old Hypnotized minds recipe on songs such as On the Block, Hydro Shots, Lose your Life, and Rush Em which brilliantly samples the fight scene from Menace II Society of Caine stomping out Arlena’s cousin.

It was also great hearing some of the old Hypnotize Minds camp members on here and some of the Wyte Music crew members are actually pretty decent on here as well. Project Pat proves that he’s still one of the hardest rappers from the South on Pill Popper which is the obvious drug anthem of the album. The Lord Posse Cut and Mafia Movie are also trunk knockers as well.

My only complaint is the overabundance of guest appearances of the Wyte Music camp on a few tracks and it makes you wonder if it featured some of the old members like Playa Fly, T Rock, Gangsta Boo, Koopsta, or Crunchy black over Big Boi’s style of production. Nothing wrong with wanting to give your new crew some shine but in instances like on this album, It sometimes becomes overkill because its clear that Lord has more in the tank and he’s sometimes overshadowed. Forever Triple 6 was a disappointment as it comes across as more of an appetizer instead of a full constructed song.

Theres instances where a beat from Paul and Juicy could have been used but nevertheless its great to hear Lord Infamous back rapping again and its great to hear that he didn’t sell out his core and hopefully there be more to come from the duo.

Vic Rating: 8 outta 10

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2 Responses to Lord Infamous- Back From the Dead

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  2. John says:

    RIP Ricky.

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