Kanye West Yeezus Review


When I did the article weeks ago on Kanye’s leaked singles New Slaves and Black Skinheads, It had me literally souped for the first time in a long time about what Kanye was gonna bring to the table. Even though many people have given Kanye flack for his previous two albums mainly 808 and Heartbreaks and My Dark Twisted Fantasy, I’ve actually gave him credit for pushing the creative envelope and basically taking a chance as an artist. I still stand by my review of My Dark and Twisted Fantasy being one of Ye’s best works due to the fact that he was able to evolve and create new sounds to showcase his growth as a producer. He even had alot of good hip hop songs on there to satisfy his core. He knew how to keep that fine balance.

The new leaked songs gave me the notion that Kanye was gonna go back to the real social commentary talk that had him gaining respect in the first place. Hip Hop was sorely in need for real rap to come back to the table and thought Ye could be a start despite his contradictions to lead the way. Sadly after this album, This will standout like a sore thumb in Kanye’s resume’ instead of showcasing his true brilliance as an artist.

The problems with Yeezus isn’t the fact that Kanye is experimenting with different sounds, Anybody that knew or listened to Kanye knew he was a chance taker when it came to his craft. The problem with this album is that the experimentation is JUST NOT GOOD.

Between mixing up electronic music, autotune, techno, and attempts at Rock, It seemed by listening to this album that Kanye’s main focus wasn’t to produce a rap album but to prove that he was above rap and thats where songs such as the god awful Hard liquor which features Chief Keef, On Site which sounds like cheaply made from some old 80s Synthesizers and Im In it where its clear that he had Kim Khardashian on his brain suffers from a odd mixture of autotuning and reggae.

It doesn’t help matter where G.O.O.D. Music weak link Kid Cudi is the only feature on the album. He brings absolutely nothing into the mix but a god awful hook on Guilt Trip which sounds like a left over from 808s and Heartbreaks that should have been left on the cutting floor. Send it Up sounds like it could be the album’s only potential at a club banger due to the heavy bassline and catchy course but falls short due to the mediocre verses provided by Kanye and Ad

Despite how poorly sequenced and seemingly off-balance this album comes across, There are some brightspots where Kanye showcases his full potential. The Track I AM God is one of the few tracks where Kanye’s experimenting is executed nicely. The track has that feel where you’re entering a dragons lair or could be something that could have been a score in a fight movie.

Blood on the Leaves is my personal favorite track out of the whole album aside from the aforementioned tracks I reviewed weeks back. It sounds like the only track where Kanye really puts an effort in making work. Between flipping the Strange Fruit sample and mixing elements with C-Murders Down 4 My Niggas dirty south crunk track. Its a track that shows that he’s still one of the best producers of our genre when he taps into that zone. Even though he despicably tries to incorporate autotune in the mix, It doesn’t throw the song off too bad.

Overall the album seems poorly orchestrated and at times too overproduced which often overshadows Kanye’s rapping and at times his good verses. It was hard for the album to flow as it was seemingly rushed put together.

Yeezus was one of the albums where he tries too hard to go to the left to prove to his critics that he’s more than just a “rapper” and it comes across as a major disappointment considering the hype.

Vic Rating: 4/10

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