Prodigy and Alchemist-Albert Einsten Review






PRODIGYAlchemist’s demand as a producer have seemingly sky rocketed within the past few years. ALC have always been considered a heavily underrated producer whom worked with the best in the business. Everyone from Eminem to Snoop Dogg have all rapped over a ALC at one point of their career and if there isn’t one gift that ALC truly has, Its bringing the best out of alot of artists.

Whereas many boom bap producers have faded due to not moving with the times, ALC embraced the challenge of keeping up with the times by steady working with hip hop’s newest prospects. Within a 2 year span, He’s done whole mixtapes for Action Bronson, Domo Genesis, Curren$y and were all critically acclaimed. But when it comes to doing beats for his long time associates Mobb Deep, ALC usually brings his A game into the table as he proves here on Albert Einstein where Prodigy and ALC mesh like peanut butter and jelly.

Musically I haven’t been a fan of Prodigy’s lazy, monotone, and at times uninspired style that he’s been showcasing within the past decade. He’s been using that style since Infamy and shows no signs of showing that ambiguous flow that made him a top spitter in the 90s. Its very disappointing to say the least because P use to attack tracks with such progressed energy. ALC is just what P needed to bring a good album out of him.

Whereas on Return of the Mac, It was a concept sticking to the early gangster vibe from the 1940s(hence they calling themselves Bumpy Johnson and Dutch Schulz) The vibe here however seems to actually venture inside the mind of Albert Einstein within the concept of this album. Albert Einstein was considered a genius but he was also very disturbed and maybe mentally ill for his own being at times. This is the vibe that the listener would seem to catch while listening to the album. Its like Alchemist supplying and showcasing the genius side behind the boards with his new innovative ways of flipping hard to find samples and P delivering with the disturbing and at times graphic bars.

P does that very well on lmdk, Dough Pilding, Bear Meat and the album’s street single Give em Hell which took a while to grow on to me but ends up being an album highlight.

Between boasting about his murder game or challenging the establishment which may sound blasphemous at times(Example the track Bible Paper) Prodigy’s flow at times sound a bit tired and lazy. It seems that he just goes into the track in cruise control instead of attacking it like a wild hungry savage like back in the glory days. This is where the supporting cast of guest come into play and they do a superb job of giving the album balance.

R.I.P. featuring his reunited partner Havoc and Raekwon is a great reminisce cuts of the late 90s. Even though this isn’t on the level of Eye for a Eye or Nightmare Vultures, It’s still a heavy hitter along with the One which features Ghostface Jr aka Action Bronson. Death Sentence Is pretty solid as well. P’s flow is fluent like water on here and couldn’t have sound better these days. Roc Marciano didn’t bring the track to life because the beat itself is too is a bit too laid back for Roc’s style but he does justice with it.

My personal favorite cut off the album is Confessions which is probably one of the most amazing beats ALC has ever composed. Prodigy’s storytelling of a murder does a perfect cross of ALC’s musical palette. This would make a crazy video.

Overall this is possibly one of the best album’s I’ve heard this year. The album pretty much vibes mostly with perfection with a blend between smoothness, being dark, and showcasing a distinctive sound that doesn’t sound like anything released today. P does a great job on here of riding shotgun and the supportive cast hold their own as well. Definitely worth buying!

Vic Rating: 9.0 outta 10

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