The New No Limit Army-New World Order review


As a longtime fan and supporter of Master P in No Limit going back to the days of Ice Cream Man, 99 Ways to Die, and Ghetto D. It pained me deeply to see Master P literally make a mockery of himself for the past decade in the half. He’s tried every avenue and bit almost every trend there was to stay relevant and he became more of a laughing-stock musically than before. With most of his roster pretty much gone along with his hitmaking team(Beats By the Pound) Master P’s best bet was to just stop making music and just bow out gracefully.

He never was a great rapper but he was a very eloquent business man and his street narratives were felt with such authenticity  he came in at a time where gangsta rap was still a selling point and literally lived everything he talked about. Thats what really mattered at the time.

P wanted to take one more shot at the music business and many of his core fans were starting to cringe. But after linking up with  rising star from Atlanta Alley Boy and rookie Fat Trel, They seemed to give P either the newfound influence or motivation to go back to the gutta talk that we loved from P in the first place.

P stopped copying everyones style, trend, and went back to what back to the signature sound that made him standout and become a star in the first place, He literally went back to the old Ghetto D style and it could be felt on Dope Case,  Take a Ride,  Put a Hose on it and the tribute to Tupac.

It’s refreshing to finally hear Master P go back to his old style but its Alley Boy and Fat Trel that mainly shines throughout this mixtape. Alley proves while he should be the next to come out of the A to blow and listening to him rip P’s Classic Break Em Off something, I Aint Feeling Dat and We All We Got.

Overall this is the best No Limit project I’ve heard in times. Theres songs where P’s flow drag at time and he tries to copy other peoples flows(Just like he tried to copy Chief Keef’s on I Aint Feelin Dat) As well as P sounding like an old dude trying to fit in with a new crowd on Club Hopping, Smoke and Drank, and Trend Hoping. This is nevertheless a real solid effort from the new No Limit to bring street music back into the game.

Vic Rating:7.5 outta 10






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