Nas-The Lost Tapes Review(Revisited)




The Lost Tapes was considered a treat to diehard Nas fans. Nas thought he continue his momentum from 2001 by not only releasing God Son but also The Lost Tapes months prior which features classic unreleased material from his I AM, Nastradamous and Stillmatic sessions. The Material are now remastered, edited, and sound perfectly clean. They don’t feature no mixtape DJs yelling over the tracks and thats considered to be a blessing in disguise. Even though many hardcore crate diggers may have heard these songs before, Its still refreshing to hear Nas at his finest.

Black Zombies is a great song where Nas shows off his newfound Pro Black Afro Centric persona as he once again challenges the establishment., This is a very postive song that the Hip Hop community needs more of as he talks about Blacks are mostly Zombies to the system and acknowledging the ills that blacks have to go through to survive. Its great to see that Nas apperciates his culture and putting out a uplifting message on this song.

The I AM unreleased songs are also real dope. Poppa was a Player is a great song where he talks about growing up with his pops and shows his respect for him by being man enough to leave the family after he got grown, Blaze a 50 shows that Nas is a very good Narriator/Storyteller as hes giving us a story about a fiance of a famous football player is tryin to pursuade him to kill her husband so she can get his Insurance Money, Drunk by Myself has Nas playing the role of a drunk playing mind games between soberness and Insanity and Fetus gives us a autobiblical view of Nas speaking from his mothers womb before he escapes. All showcases Nas’s brillance as not just a rapper but a artist.

Purple made quite a stir due to his feelings about the P Diddy/Shyne ordea The Alchemest produced gems My Way and  No Ideas Orignal where he claims “No Ideas Original/theres nothing new under the sun/Its never what you do is how its done” are considerd classics.Nas was clearly inspired by Ghost to use the classic Barry White sample and he executed it with perfection.

Even though I wish there were more songs to be added in here. This album was a classic and whats crazy is that these were his THROWAWAYS

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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