Onyx Bacdafucup 20 Years later

Onyx - Bacdafucup (1994)

This may hands down be one of the hardest East Coast albums I’ve heard. 1993 was the year the West Cost were having the rap game on lock so it was very impressive for a hardcore group like Onyx to come into the mix and make a huge dent.While every rapper was riding on Lowriders, Onyx was demanding for everybody to shave their heads and “Throw Ya Gunz in the Air on the album’s first single titled Throw Ya Gunz which is probably one of the most insane first single I’ve ever heard.

The album has plenty of head banger Songs like Bitchazniguz, ATak of tha Baldheadz the Crossover single Slam that put Onyx into the mainstream. It was a crossover hit that cross Onyx into the official mash out rock market.

If you look past all the screaming and yelling, Onyx were some pretty solid rappers in their own right., Especially Sticky Fingaz as he basically outshines the crew on almost every track he’s on. Between his animated style, His crooked eye and his raw take no prisoners style. He always has you on edge waiting for that last verse because you never know some of the craziness thats gonna come out of his mouth. He’s no doubt the best lyricist and the biggest star out of Onyx.

One of my personal tracks on the album has to be Blac Vagina Finda where they show a little versatility topic wise and talk about the hoes. This track is raw, edged, and could be offensive to many. Especially with Fredro says “Phrase the Lord because Nuns can get stuck” This album is everything that epitomized the East Coast rap scene at the time, Angry, energetic, and in your face. This album is as raw and gritty as it gets. If you don’t have it then your missing out!

Vic Rating : 10 outta 10

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1 Response to Onyx Bacdafucup 20 Years later

  1. anthonydaygrandin says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Onyx were the shit, they were really unique and the way they rap always cracked me up. But they definitely were to be taken seriously. Nice article!

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