Why Kanye West’s New Slaves track is what Hip Hop needs


Before I start this off. I’m gonna be the first to say that I haven’t rocked with much of Kanye West’s music over the past 6 or 7 years. Since Graduation as a matter of fact. I’ve liked songs from him here and there but the way he transformed into this ego driven, diva acting, shell of a former artist is what drove me further away from him. It seemed as though he was dumbing down his content to gain new listeners and double his dollars just like his buddy Hov once said.

It made him more wealthy but during this transformation he lost alot of his core fans who stood with him in the beginning but gained new ones. He seemed to have lost his soul in the midst of this transformation which is why none of the songs he put out over the years hit you like Jesus Walks, Final Call, or Touch the Sky. He then knocked up an industry pass around and became the poster child for the new gay movement within Hip Hop with him bringing the trend of wearing skinny jeans, dresses, and women clothing in the midst.It seemed for a long time that the kid whom was once “Self Conscious” has lost every bit of it.

But theres one thing that nobody can take away from Kanye West. You can’t take away his talent. I’ve always considered him to be a great producer and I felt College Dropout(Which is a classic) Late Registration, and Graduation was his best work to date because he knew how to balance the substance with the constant braggardo about his new life. When he debuted his new singles for his up and coming album titled New Slaves and Black Skinned head. My thoughts were THIS IS WHAT MAIN STREAM HIP HOP NEEDS.

The message that Kanye is trying to convey to the masses is that racism, corruption, Oppression still exists in this world and you’re not safe from it even if you’re rich, You’re still a slave to the corporations who own you. Perhaps this maybe Kanye’s cry out for attention and yes Kanye isn’t saying anything new that we’ve already heard before. But being that today’s hip hop within the mainstream consist of nothing but cliché money anthems or songs talking about sleeping with the next mans woman, driving the latest cars, or buying the bar for a bunch of strippers. Kanye’s messages on these songs maybe the balance thats needed to awakened the young and dumb to actually think about whats really going on instead of believing that rap is one big party.


Critics including myself may feel that Kanye’s current lifestyle and relationship affairs contradicts his message and further decreases the power behind the songs which is also true as well. But considering the state of emergency hip hop is truly in, I feel that these songs could be a start to shift the balance back into the art form. His new album shall be interesting to say the least.

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