Death Row Too Gangsta for Radio Review(THROWBACK)


There is one thing thats clearly evident when listening to this album: Suge Knight DESPISES Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg and anybody else thats affiliated with them. Snoop and Dre’s departure from the label has left the former CEO salty and bitter. Being locked up while seeing both Dre and Snoop rise to the top further infuriated Suge. He decided to play the executive Producer role while being in prison and release Too Gangsta For Radio. An album that shows that Death Row is still in the game and if you’re down with Dre or Snoop then be prepared to be mashed on. The album booklet also features penned letters allegedly from Snoop Dogg and the then recent departed Daz Dillinger begging Suge to leave them alone.

The album starts off with a VERY hilarious intro of an imposter Snoop having Nightmares about Suge Knight coming to get him. He is then awakened by his wife Shante whom tries to calm Snoop down and begs her to call to see if Suge is still locked up. The CO and Shante share a conversation at the expense of Snoop being fearful for his life. VERY Hilarious way to start the LP and you can tell that this is a representation of what to really expect

Shots are being fired throughout this whole album. Everything from skits of Eminem being recruited in the KKK, Dr Dre taking it up in the ass by an unsigned rapper to get signed, along with diss records which featured the vicious I Aint Fucking with Ya which features CJ Mack targeting the whole Aftermath label. Tha Relativez bang hard on This is the Thanks You get which is a shot back at the newly formed NWA at the time and Mack 10 claiming that he aint no real banger and getting ran out of Inglewood. Tha Realst(aka the Tupac Clone) actually made a surprising good cut with Fuck Hollywood where he take shots at whom he feels are gay rappers, actors, in Hollywood. He sounds so much like Pac that its scary. Not the best song I heard but the fuckery alone is entertaining.

Continuing to milk his brand. Two unreleased Tupac cuts are on here and their both instant classics of course. Fuck Friends has Pac showing his fiery on rivals while showing respect to his caramel queens and the softer Thug Nature which brilliantly samples Michael Jackson’s Human Nature is pretty solid as well because they pretty much fit Pac’s vocals. Thug Nature proves to be the better songs of the two.

What is truly bizarre about this album is that it features dudes whom had wars with Death Row in the past and are now featured on there. Above the Law(YES from Ruthless)have a song featured on there as well as DRESTA(Yes the dude that rolled with Eazy) titled Giving it Up for Compton. It’s really strange hearing these guys on an album for a label that they once banged against but their contributions to the compilation is solid.

There are other strong offerings and they surprisingly come from the East Coast. Murder Inc remakes the classic DPG 4 Life and replaced it with Murder 4 Life and it comes across very raw surprisingly considering most of those dudes be wack. The LOX lyrically slaughters In Too Deep and puts the beat in a coma proving why Jadakiss was suited for the King of the NY crown during that period. But its Crooked I that shines here on this LP. Crooked I introduces himself to the world on Death Rizzo as the newest inmate at the time and on the album’s best collaboration titled Gangsta Rap which features Kurupt, Scarface, and Treach.

There are some tracks that needed to be left out and felt that some of the obsessive disses can be overkill because that could have been focused on building and developing new talent for the Row. Songs such as The Coff, Projects, Gangsta’d Out and Fuck Dre which strangely featured a rapper named Twista(Not the one from Chicago) brings down the album. Not to mention signing imposters of the legends(Topp Dogg, Tha Realest) wasn’t the best way to start off a label but building the label around Crooked would have been a start because Crooked could have takened the label back to popularity heights.

But overall This was a solid offering. Much better than the Chronic 2000 album that they put out just for the fuckery and entertainment value of Suge unleashing his hate for Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg alone. It was also great hearing some new Tupac tracks as well as hearing some of the OGs such as CJ Mack, Above the Law, Scarface, Treach and Dresta showing that they still have it. Fans of West Coast rap would definitely love this.

Vic Rating 7.5 outta 10

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