Goodie Mob Soul Food Review(THROWBACK)

good ie mob

In Hip Hop today it’s not too surprising to hear rappers from the South on the radio. But there was a time where in 1995 where it was very rare. the West Coast was still running the rap game with an iron fist, You had the East coming back thanks to the Notorious B.I.G. Nas, Mobb Deep, Redman, and Wu Tang. The South had spitters and groups that were worthy of being heard but at the time hip hop was very close-minded and any one that came from the South was labeled as “slow” or “dumb” Hence why Outkast got booed at the Source Awards.

Outkast along with Goodie Mob changed the course of hip hop by showcasing the fact that the South has serious spitters. They helped change the face of the Atlanta rap scene because at the time Atlanta was only known for booty shaking themes and Freaknik. Goodie Mob with their debut album titled Soul Food added another element that was lost from the South.

Soul Food was a very different rap album compared to most of the hip hop that was released at the time, In a time where Gangsta Rap were dominating the charts and every rapper following the trend, The ATL Representatives instead flipped the script and focused on topics that many rappers wasn’t touching on.

They touch on some really deep topics from Racism,The common hardships of growing up in the South, The lost of Spiritually , The Tradition behind Soul Food and the importance of finding spirituality.

The Organized Noize Production team has to be one of the most underrated producers of hip hop and they hooked Goodie up nicely with tracks like Thought Process(Which features one of the best Verses from Andre’s career), Dirty South, Cell Therapy, and My Personal favorite track titled Fighting where their talking about how Black People have to fight to gain their spirituality back. The Cee Lo Verse/Poem at the end of the track is amazing(It could also be a swipe to Dr Dre and Ice Cube with the Natural Born Killaz reference) and even though he may sound like ReRun from Whats Happening, He’s the most spiritual and nicest best emcee out of the whole group.

There are other cool songs on the album like Soul Food where they explain how certain foods are a tradition down south, Guess Who is a very deep but yet beautiful tribute to their mothers. The Cee Lo verse on here was truly amazing, Probably one of the most heartfelt songs to come out in hip hop.

Live at The O.M.N.I is another dope track where the group is talking about topics from Unifying to Racism from the Police and Sesame Street is also pretty tight where their taking you down what they called “Sessamie Street” down South and giving you Social Commentary of what goes on in a daily basis in their neighborhood.

Overall this is probably one of the most overlooked albums from the 90s. Every song tackles a issue and comes across as something meaningful. Its good hip hop that provides a perfect balance of nice
of showing who the Goodie Mob really are as a collective and the struggle of being a black man in the south. Definitely worth adding into your collection

Vic Rating: 10 outta 10

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  1. GM says:

    Nice review man! Classic album

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