Eminem and Royce Da 5’9- Bad Meets Evil Review


In 1998-1999 Eminem and Royce the 5’9 were two of the most premier rappers in Detroit. The working chemistry they have could have been compared to duos like Redman and Method Man, They knew how to bring the best out of each other. The classic songs such as Bad Meets Evil, Scary Movies, Renegades(the original) further built anticipating of a possible album.

Unfortuately those plans went to smoke quick as a serious beef and falling out among the two occurred which lead to a serious beef between Royce and Eminem’s crew D-12. Diss records, beatdowns and gunshots came from both crews. Even though Royce and the late Proof squashed the beef, Eminem and Royce still wouldn’t do music together but the mutual respect was always there between the two. Thats why it was a great ordeal that these two buried the hatchet and started working on music together.

Eminem had his personal demons with drug addiction, losing his childhood friend Proof, and trying to re-introduce himself into the public. After years of rapping about silly stuff, using ridiculous accents, It seemed that Relapse was slowly a step to the right direction and Recovery had Eminem going back to the Em we knew from a while back.

Royce on the other hand after going through his label issues, battling an alcohol addiction and trying to survive in the forever fickle market. In 2009 He aligned himself with Joe Budden, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz to form the hip hop super-group Slaughterhouse which gave him new notoriety. Eminem signed Slaughterhouse to his label Shady Records and wanted to revamp his brand.

Bad Meets Evil had alot of expectations and raised alot of questions. Do Royce and Em still have that chemistry? Are they still on the same page? Are they going back to their original wild and crazy style? Well the questions will be answered here.

Let me be the first to say that Royce Da 5’9 has literally proved his worth on this album here. This was gonna be possibly his highest selling album due to him doing an album with one of the biggest selling rappers in rap. He wanted to show the world why he was considered one of the top rappers. Listen to how he wrecked shop on Fast Lane, Above The Law, and the Slaughterhouse featured Loud Noises. You can tell that Royce has finally found his niche and his confidence as an emcee.

Eminem on the other hand is now older, he’s sober, and there are instances where he comes across as one of those rapping ass rappers by rapping a bunch of shit and not saying nothing(Adapted that from the Lil Waynes and Tygas of the world). It comes across as a tad annoying considering he screams out during the middle of his verses but its a vast improvement from Encore which he felt was him at his worst.

This proved to be another style Shady added to his Arsenal. He finally dropped the silly accent, the Hanna Montana references and just got back to straight spitting. Theres flashes of the old Eminem that we know on Welcome 2 Hell and Kiss which is possibly the most controversial track as Eminem goes back into his Slim Shady shit and throws shots at pop singers.

Bad Meets Evil isn’t perfect though, Theres some cuts on there that I felt brought down the replay value and could have been easily replaced. The very corny I’m On Everything is the typical silly Eminem track but the only difference is that it’s not as good as The Real Slim Shady or Without Me, It’s on the level of Ass Like that, My Band, and We Made You. Just terrible.

Another cut that stands out like a cold sore is the track Lighters which features current pop sensation Bruno Mars. It may be a hit song that could possibly land top 40 radio but it’s clearly a song that most of the people whom expected that raw lyricism between the two will skip.

Bad Meets Evil shows that while Eminem and Royce aren’t who they were in the late 90s, They can still come together and make good music. You can easily tell that the vibe and chemistry is slowly coming back after being lost for many years due to the beef. Bad Meets Evil The Sequel could be an appetizer of special things to come.

Vic Rating: 7.5 outta 10

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