Who Stole the Soul?


“Rap is becoming more white and more Jewish”

Legendary rapper Scarface stirred up a serious debate about the direction of hip hop has takened within the past couple of years. It seems that with the overnight success of Mackamore along with Mac Miller securing deals and endorsements left and right without having a serious hit record. Add that along with many of these new acts whom paid no dues seemed to just walk inside into success because they have a look further concerned Scarface.. Even though many people are quick to write Scarface off as being a “bitter hater”. I feel that Face has EARNED that right to express himself and show disgust to a genre he once loved. It seemingly so that it whites are succeeding more into the black music genre than actual blacks nowadays. Justin Timber lake’s monumental first week proves more of Scarface’s points of white artists doing monster numbers over black artists so the questions remain? Who Stole The Soul? How did Hip Hop become what it is today? Well I’m gonna bring down on what I feel were obvious agendas on why the state of black music is where it’s at:


The Gay Agenda?
There is no denying that there has been a huge shift change among the world and mostly hip hop within the past 5 years. It seems as though that the labels are looking to sign more hipsters, squares more gimmicky acts for a quick hit. Soon as they burn out, Its on to the next one. Masculinity within hip hop is slowly drifting away as you see more rappers partaking in more suspect actions such as wearing dresses, wearing lip gloss, kissing men, skinny jeans and leggings. The LBGT community has built steady momentum within the past 2 years and the Gay Community are growing more of a serious power stroke to where now their influencing todays music, movies, entertainment and changing the dynamic of how society looks at them. So it’s also no mystery that the Music Industry wants to cater more to that demographic to recoup on the sales decline that they have suffered over the past few years.

Recently We have witnessed R&B singer Frank Ocean who wasn’t really known within the Industry like that until he “came out the closet” become a major star. Frank Ocean while talented in his own right had more of a serious boost when he came clean about a past relationship he had with a male in a song and overnight his stock seemingly skyrocketed. Ocean’s Debut album soared to #1 and he received Grammy nominations a year later. There have been other new comers in rap such as Lil B and Asap Rocky whom has catered to the gay community and built solid followings as well. While Ocean been the one to have come out and admit his past affairs, I still don’t think that its gonna happen in hip hop anytime soon but it certainly opened up the doors for hip hop to be slowly castrated in other ways.


Blacks selling the Culture
Blacks have to take some blame for the direction hip hop has takened. Over the past couple of years I’ve seen buffoonery acts and rappers whom lacked serious aptitude get passes left and right. It doesn’t help that certain veteran rappers cosigned alot of these acts to further gas up their heads into believing that their something that their not. They treated rap as more like a quick hustle and then left it alone which further devalued the music as a whole. In the words of Scarface, We have allowed hip hop acts(Regardless of color) to come in and treat the game like a fast food drive thru.

Blacks have sat back and allowed guys like Justin Bieber to tailor with our culture and eat lovely off of it. The shift was already taking place when Bieber decided and was allowed to partake into the HIP HOP CYPHER AS A RAPPER. This was the ultimate slap in the face for most black and Puerto Rican emcees. This was a total disrespect to hip hop to allow a pop singer who has no clear knowledge of hip hop to come out of nowhere and take their slot on a Nationally Televised so-called “Black” hip hop show.

In the earlier days, It would be blasphemous for guys such as Aaron Carter(A white pop singer from the late 90s) to come in out of nowhere and try to rap in a cypher with guys like Big Pun, DMX, and JayZ but yet in today’s world, This type of debauchery is ok because the people in hip hop or R&B today whom are currently running the show have shown that don’t really care for the culture enough to take a stand against people whom they see are slowly killing it. It seems as though that they only care about receiving the check, Riding around and spinning or smashing two bad bitches at the same damn time.


The veterans whom had heart before are just as cowardly because instead of calling these guys out in typical hip hop fashion and running these guys out, They have allowed them to leach and eat good off our culture due to the fact that “they have a good hustle” or can make a song to make bitches shake their ass. When is it gonna come a time when we’re gonna make a stand and show that our culture is bigger than the club?

The Viacom deal is the clear elephant in the room that many people wont address. But this is the possibly the main problem on why it seems that Soulful black music isn’t not only getting exposure but suffering as well . Once Bob Johnson sold BET to Viacom for a Basketball team and multi millions where the black community didn’t see a penny of it is where things have gotten much worst. It became much more of a struggle for up and coming acts to really When I look at shows like 106 and Park, You have to think to yourself “Is this really the best Black Music has to offer today?” They have already took away out music outlets such Yo MTV Raps, BET’s Rap City, Video Soul, TRL and replaced with ratchet reality TV shows. Its to the point where rappers, singers and new artists today are finding it hard to really to market their music so they go on these shows only to make themselves look more foolish(Joe Budden, Game, Jim Jones).

The Plan to oppress Black Music goes back to when Bill Clinton in 1996 signed and passed a bill that gave Government control of whats being played on radio across the country. There were a time where I remembered that there waas a solid balance of songs being played. When Clinton signed that bill, You could notice how the shift slowly changed and started taking place. Year after Year less music fulfilled with substance and real messages started becoming a minimum on the rotation and more songs about bitches, drugs, guns, money and shaking ass started become as apart of the normal procedure.


White Agenda
Let me be clear that I have NO problem with an artist just because of their skin color. The outcries that come from the public isn’t based on the individual artists but the way the machine markets certain artists and mistreats others. Its been the same rinse, clean, dry program thats been always valid since the Music Industry started. The difference between the 80s and 90s were that Hip Hop was controlled more by black moguls.Most of the talent were discovered in the streets by black moguls such as Suge Knight, James Prince, Russell Simmons, Eazy E, Puff Daddy and many others. It wasn’t some clean cut square who got a A&R position. It was guys that lived in the streets and could identify with the sound. Even if whites have always maintained control, Blacks had more stroke within the industry during that era than today.

While many may say that it started with Eminem, I have to truly disagree to a degree because Eminem’s come up in hip hop was done in the HIP HOP fashion. Eminem literally came up during a time where it was taboo for a white rapper to enter the genre of rap. He was just very talented and was smart enough to discover his audience which truly was rebellious, young and angry white teens that believed in his gimmick. While a talented emcee in his own right, The reality is that what Eminem was saying and doing when he was coming up wasn’t anything new because it was already done by Brotha Lynch Hung, The Geto Boys, Gangsta Knip and others. The only difference is Eminem had a monumental marketing machine with Interscope Records pushing him along with the fact that him being white is what gave him more of an acceptance among the mainstream.

Eminem 1

Where it becomes a problem is that Eminem would get play on stations that won’t even play any rap music. It was seemingly that Eminem was benefiting lovely off the white privilege by having more of his records crossing over into different stations that would even look at rap music with disdain. It’s not his fault but thats how the game is orchestrated and how the system goes.

The white rappers that are being pushed down our throats today seemingly don’t even have that form of struggle or the talent that Eminem has. When you look at a guy like Mackamore, You don’t really see hip hop, You don’t see soul, You don’t see anything that can grab. What you see is nothing but a hyped up clean-cut manufactured rapper put together by the machine whom came out of nowhere(like Vanilla Ice) and making a killing. It’s the same way with another rapper who goes by the name of Mac Miller: No hit records, no hit albums, but landing endorsements, magazine covers, and TV shows left and right. You can’t even say it’s because their Indie because theirs many rappers that are doing it Indie and not getting the extra hype that these guys are receiving. So do you ask yourself, Is all of this just a coincidence or is this been apart of the plan all along?


Is it too late?
Scarface claims that Hip Hop music and black music as a whole is gonna become 100% within 25 years. The sad part is if people don’t wake up and start taking control back of the culture, We’re gonna lose what we worked hard to build. I believe in order for hip hop to really survive another decade, We’re gonna have to be really demanding on what we hear and whom we let in to eat off our culture.

Many of the acts you see today wouldn’t even be opening acts during the time and era where you had to be really talented to survive. We have to stop excusing wack rappers and giving them passes because they have a “great hustle” and actually demand more. The dialogue is always open but now its time to really put the words into action and by doing that, We have to find ways to cut out the middle man, soak up serious game about going Indie so artists wouldn’t have to sacrifice their art to the major labels and cater to a demographic who don’t even like or respect hip hop.

The artists themselves have to be demanded by the public to start making serious contributions into the game to where it elevates other., Instead of liquor brands or Clothing lines Lets demand that they start signing new acts and spreading that diversity within the content so the culture can re-grow again. I feel one solution is that artists whom make enough money should open up business courses for up and coming artists who are young, and hungry to learn about the business aspect before signing that dotted line.

This move here would help them learn about publishing, royalties, contracts, Cds, album budgets, album advances, touring and other key ways of surviving in the game. We’ve lost too many artist to the game due to lack of knowledge, being broke, drugs, and death while the Jews take the catalog and make billions off it.

The fans have to play their part. Instead of downloading a record you know is hot, Stop being lazy and put down your 8 bucks to support the artist. If not going to the record store to purchase their album, Go to the shows or spread the word that the album is worth copping. These guys whom are putting out quality for their fans can’t eat lovely off people constantly downloading their material and not supporting the cause.

If the white fanbase can get off their ass and make Taylor Swift, Mackamore, Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Lady Gaga and others Multi platinum then we can put our work in and make sure guys whom are putting out steady quality can still sell so they can continue to contribute.

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