Jay Rock Follow Me Home review

jay rock

I’m gonna be real. When I first heard of Jay Rock’s music, I wasn’t a big fan at all. He came across as another average blood rapper and too much of a Game clone to me(His voice is just as gruff as Game) I further grew more unimpressed when he remade songs such as hood nigga into to blood nigga and how he ruined the remake of 50’s How to Rob joint. I wrote him off for a long time after hearing that.

But then I heard the song Mask On and seen the raw video he shot for it and was like “Wow this cat is spitting hard!” I’m really flowing with this! Then he started going out of his element and showcasing his creativity on the joint Anti Social is where I really started to see him differ from the patch and find his own identity:

After a few mixtapes and riding with his boy K.Dot(Kendrick Lamar) to solo success. Jay Rock finally put the finishing touches to his official debut album. He inked a deal with Strange Records which allowed him to really say what his mind and speak from his heart. This is what Follow Me Home represents. Its Jay Rock taking us on a journey of what hood life is truly like in Watts. You get a clear introduction of what happens in the introduction where the reporter questions Jay about the murder that happens and Jay’s response was “This is what happens, Whats there to say?”

What I really liked about Follow Me Home is that Jay Rock literally took it back to the West Coast recipe. It isn’t G funkish but its still west coast to where it would grab the ears of the youngsters that are already feeling Kendrick’s music. Jay Rock represents the New West Coast well and he shows that he’s willing to carry that torch. He not only proves that he’s more lyrical than Game but also a better overall rapper as he proves on Songs such as Code Red, The Hood Goin Love It, Killed or Be Killed, and All My life where he covers the narratives of Gang banging, Poverty and street life in a manner where you can’t help but to be glued. Jay Rock does a superb job of being reporter and taking rap back to the era where it was the black CNN.

The Guest appearances here are pretty good as well. Kendrick Lamar bodies all of his appearances on here proving that he was destined to be the next big star in rap along with his other crew member School Boy Q on Say Whatsup, Chris Brown provides a nice hook on Westside which is a softer song generated for the ladies, Rick Ross’s guest spot on Finest Hour was a surprise because Ross did his thing on here and the left over track All My Life(which is old as hell) featuring Lil Wayne still sounds great today because this was a reminder of how nice Lil Wayne actually was.

All My Life was a surprise banger to me. It has a couple of duds that could have been left off and replaced with stronger tracks(Lift Me Up and Black Mask) but this is a strong debut from Jay Rock. Its a great way of introducing himself as a real artist who has the stripes to speak on whats real in his hood. This album is definitely worth checking!

Vic Rating: 8.6 outta 10

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