Brotha Lynch Hung Mannibalector Review


When Brotha Lynch Hung signed to Tech9ines Strange Music in 2010. It proved to be the right career move for him. After years of battling label issues and putting out material that wasn’t the best of his standards, Strange Music gave Lynch not only the creative freedom that he truly needed to really showcase his craft but it also allowed him to push the limits as far as his sick thought process would take him. His 2010 Dinner and a Movie release was one of the best albums of that year. He followed that up with the sequel titled Coathanga Strangler which is like a 3 disc horror movie trilogy. Mannibalector is the album that closes out the bloody graphic trylogy and its the perfect way to end it.

What first drew me to these albums and Lynch’s new music is how he incorporated his horror movie vision into his videos. Strange Music gave him the greenlight to basically make Mini Horror movies out of his videos and they are very disturbing to say the least. It may not be for the weakened heart. Theres no happy ass tracks or R&B cuts on here, This is dark, graphic, disturbing, and its Brotha Lynch’s speciality.

He definitely kicks the album with Krocadi which gives you a taste of what Lynch’s graphic vision of canibalism and murdering skinny jean rappers and garbage rappers in the process.A interesting way of using his metaphor of cannibalism to describe the state of Hip Hop.

There are some standouts on Mannibalector such as Eating You which he’s talking about killing and canibalizing a female fan of his crew and showcases his storytelling ablity by describing it in such as detailed but disturbing manner. There are also standouts as Meat Cleaver, Body on The Fire, Dead Bitch, and Sweetney Todd which continues the dark horror-core route thats sure to satisfy his bloodthirsty fans.

The Guest appearances on here are limited but they hold their own and don’t bring down the album. Some of the appearances come from people within his own camp which gives them some shine. Hopsin, Tech9ne lyrically wreck shop on Stabbed and Yellawolf makes a surprisingly dope cameo on The Package.

My personal favorite track is I Give Up where Lynch shows more of a more deeper side in the midst of his madness. He talks about where he wanted to give up on Rap and give up on life or maybe according to the movie wanting to give up his cannibalistic ways.

This album maybe the weakest out of the trilogy(I would consider this Dark Knight Rises and Coat Hangla The Dark Knight) according to his fans BUT he does a great job of closing out the trylogy and showing the new generation that he’s still one of the sickest to do it.

Definitely worth adding to the collection!

Vic rating: 8.5 outta 10

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