Ill Bill The Grimey Awards Review


When it comes to putting out hardcore hip hop, Ill Bill is a name that you have to add into the equation. Within the past decade, He along with his partner in crime(Necro) has built a cult following by delivering brutality rap into the mix. The definition of Brutality rap is hard core rhymes full of gore, violence, sex, mixed with at times heavy metal. Bill continued to carry the hardcore rap banner by aligning himself with Everlast, B-Real, and DJ Lethal titled Los Costa Nosta along with releasing one of the best albums of 2010 with DJ Muggs titled Ill Bill Vs DJ Muggs which showed that Bill can also talk about different topics from Mass depopulation, The Illuminati, Misrepresentation of the Government and cover ground that many of his peers are afraid of talking about.

The Grimy Awards is a totally different album from Bill’s past works. It seemed as though he wanted to rec-create the magical boom bap era that was happening in 90s NY rap scene and he did a superb job in doing so. He recruited basically all of the heavy hitters from the 90s from Pete Rock, DJ Muggs, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Psycho Les, and many others. Ill Bill seemed to have toned down the gory content so he can reach more of the boom bap era type fans. It may be a disappointment to people who loved his earlier work with Non Pinxon, Necro and others but it provides as a breath of fresh air for people who yearned for that early 90s sound and tired of the same repetitive hip hop thats getting airplay.

The Album’s first street single The Truth featuring Pete Rock is the perfect way to introduce Bill to a new audience. He really showed that he can hold his own weight and can really rap. This is probably one of the nicest Pete Rock joints produced in years. He also holds his own on the DJ Premier produced World Premier which is probably Premier nicest beat in a long minute along with the Large Professor produced Acid Reflux and Carasie High.

What I like about Ill Bill’s style is that its hardcore and in your face but he’s also not afraid to tackle on real life issues. Many instances where a rapper talk about worldly issues they come across as forced or as if their trying too hard. Bill on the other hand not only perfected that by mixing brilliant storytelling with tackling the issue at hand. Peep how he talked about the negative effects of Technology in todays world on the track Exploding Octopus and How to survive the aftermath of a possible world catastrophe on How to Survive a Apocalypse

What may would throw some of his hardcore base off is the very heartfelt When I Die which pays homage to his Uncle Howie. Being that Howie has been a heavy influence on Bill’s life, Its not surprising that he would dedicate a heartfelt tribute to his uncle, Its the fact that he decided to use a R&b sound to lay the track together. It may leave many of his blood and gore fans scratching their heads but the track is pretty solid.

As for guest features, There hardly isn’t really that many but they add alot of flavor into the Grimy Awards. Cormega and O.C. take it back to the Essence on the DJ Muggs produced Power, Jedi Mind Tricks reunite for 120 Darkside Justice giving it that real dark and grimy feel proving why they were one of the undergrounds nicest duos. Its not as dope as Heavy Metal Kings but it bangs throughout.

Overall This should be the album that raises Bill’s stock among hip hop heads. He went and recruited alot of heavy hitters and surprisingly he doesn’t let the production outshine his flow. Fans of Ill Bill and people yearning for that “real hip hop” should check this out! Bill doesn’t disappoint.

Vic Rating: 8.5 Outta 10

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