Killer Mike R.A.P. Music Review

Killer Mike RAP Music

Sometimes getting away from a real established group can be a blessing in disguise. When I first heard Killer Mike on those Outkast tracks, I thought he was a decent emcee nothing more nothing less. He wasn’t horrible but he didn’t really strike me as someone that could possibly be a major player in the Rap Game at the time. It was when Mike left the Outkast umbrella and re-packaged himself with his Pledge Allegiance to the Grind mixtape series is where he started becoming more noticed based off the fact that he started going more into the political route. It seems as when he was with Outkast, He was pigeonholed to put out music like them but now with clear direction and more creative control, Mike was able to say what he wanted to say and take his craft to the next level. He did just that by linking up with Underground producer El-P for a different vision and the chemistry seemed to mesh perfectly.

When I say that this album could possibly pass for the new Generation’s Amerikka’s Most Wanted. You can tell that by the way Mike attack’s these track with his more aggressive delivery. Sales and impact wise it remains to be seen but content wise, Its definitely up there when you hear songs such as Dont Die, Ghetto Gospel and Southern Fried Killer

But the track thats no question the hardest heavy hitter element of R.A.P. Music is Reagan. Here Mike showcases his disgust behind Regan’s polices and exposed how Regonomics were destructive to the country and mainly black people. The song is edgy, straight to the point and not too preachy.Something thats missing in today’s political rap.

Surprisingly Mike shot a video for my favorite other song Untitled where he tackles the taboo talk of Religion, Racism, and slavery. The way Mike brings such command to these tracks is what made R.A.P. Music a slept on classic.

Aside from appearances from T.I. and Big Boi on Big Beast. Killer Mike has came through on his own and proved to be better than ever and more than a Outkast sidekick. Its too bad that this album hasn’t got heavy phriase in today’s market but long as Mike feeding the people what they need to hear and never compromising his message then its all good for his true fans. Definitely WORTH BUYING

Vic Rating 10 out of 10

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