THROWBACK: Cormega and Prodigy interview going at Nas and JayZ


This was probably from 2001-2002. But This is another hidden gem that I had saved in my files. This was around the time hip hop was becoming one big gigantic battle royal and the results was great music coming from everybody. Prodigy and Mega went HARD on both of their opponents:

Cormega – I’m not gonna change up my Formula. It’s like if you go with something this good, don’t mess with it. So it’s like, I’m using the same producers and it will probably be the same features cause I don’t fuck with alot of artists. – (Here we go) What did you think about “Stillmatic” by Nas?

Cormega -I mean, I heard it and I was like Ha Ha Ha! I think it was a desperate attempt and I appreciated my name being mentioned in the song with a artist of the caliber of Jay – Z cause now you introducing me to a whole new degree of people who start to wonder who’s Cormega, etc., etc. So now I responded to that and that’s that. I’m not focused on that cause that dude doesn’t even worry me right now. I’m not even thinkin about him. The old me, I would have kept responding, I would have kept makin jointz bombin him. But I’m not even worrying about him cause he’s so beneath me. I’ll battle that nigga at any arena, anywhere and I’m leaving the winner. – Now you responded back to him with Realmatic. How fast did you record that track?

Cormega – Man, I did that shit the next day! That move helped the industry respect me more cause I had just put out The Realness at that time and people were just gettin used to that and sayin this shit is incredible, etc., etc. So now for this dude to try to diss me and I follow up his shit within days. Like within days my shit was on the radio and on mix tapes. Some people heard my response, before they heard his shit. So it’s like this dude Mega is serious. Like Nas is lettin people see how serious I am as an artist. No artist will ever diss me and I’m just gonna eat that and I don’t respond. But it’s nothing personal. I’m not even mad at the dude. Like I said that was a desperate attempt. That was like his last grasp for breathe cause he cannot fuck with me right now. – Now alot of fans are sayin that his new album will mark the return of Illmatic. What are your thoughts on that ?

Cormega – I mean, everybody wants to return to their glory days. Like Patrick Ewing wishes he could be the beast from the East, but come on. You and me both know that that’s not gonna be done. The closest thing to Illmatic that came out recently wasn’t even by him, it was by me, ha ha ha! – Now Prodigy alot of people out there have been wondering what are your thoughts on what happened at the Summer Jam with Jay – Z?

Prodigy – Alright, Ima tell you what happened. See, Jay – Z and them is runnin around trying to get at me right now because I shitted on them in a interview in The Source magazine, you know what I’m sayin. So after that, he’s runnin around makin songs about me. He did that thing at the Summer Jam, cause he knew that we banned from Summer Jam. He know that. We been banned from Summer Jam for years, you know what I mean. He knows we can’t go their. – So you guys were banned from Summer Jam?

Prodigy – Yeah, were not allowed to perform at Summer Jam for some reason, I don’t know. We banned from Summer jam for a few years now and Jay knew that was the perfect place for him to do that cause we wasn’t going to be no where around and he knew that. So then, just to prove that fact, Why didn’t he pull the same shit at The Source awards. The Source awards is bigger. It’s worldwide and it’s gonna be televised to millions and millions of people, and that’s rap music’s only awards event, you know what I’m sayin. My question is, why didn’t he come their and do that? And that statement right their, crushes everything he could do or ever say. Cause they didn’t show up to The Source awards yo! – So what were your thoughts about what he did at Summer jam as far as the picture goes?

Prodigy – Oh, my thoughts is nothin! That was his retaliation cause I shitted on him, so that was his little retaliation. But it was nothin. He didn’t do anything. All he did was pull out a picture of me when I was a little kid. I don’t understand what he did, he didn’t do anything. – Cormega, We want to let you know that we thought The Realness was one of the best albums of the year

Cormega – Thank you very much and I appreciate that. I’m really humbled right now by the support and the love that I’ve been gettin from the fans and I was just hopin that they would appreciate the album, but for people to say consistently that it’s one of the best albums of the year and stuff like that, I mean I’m real humbled by that. And I’m going to continue to make my work on that caliber. – So how did the album end up doin sales wise?

Cormega – The album ended up doing very well and when it first came out the sells and things uh, I debut as the #1 new artist in the country on Billboard in the Heat seekers chart. As a matter a fact , I was the No. 1 new artist in the country 2 weeks in a row. It was the number 3 independent album and 24 on the R & B charts. So the response is more then I anticipated and it’s consistently sellin. Like some people’s sells drop 50 percent, my sells haven’t even dropped that much. It’s consistently rising. Some people say that the word of mouth on the album is incredible. Like Fat Beats in Manhattan and numerous stores are just sayin that the buzz on the album is fantastic. I was reading some of the bounce back cards, like the back of the album where the fans can write their comments and send it back. Landspeed said that’s the most response they ever got for any project. Their was a shoebox full of responses from my fans and I damn near started cryin. I was so touched by the shit that they were sayin, I wanted to cry man! It felt good that niggaz is feelin me or that niggaz appreciate me as a poet as apposed to a nigga that’s just tryin to rap, to get some money. I’m really appreciative of my fans. That shit means alot to me. What people need to understand is I did this album just to do it. I mean I really tried to put out the Testament, but the politics that be, didn’t allow that. So I knocked this album out and this is just one of many to come. The next album will be as good if not better then this and I want my fans to be aware of that. – So are you already workin on the next one?

Cormega – I’m writing songs right now for the follow up and I’m trying to select beats right now. I’m just planning it and it’s gonna be crazy. – Since the album dropped, has alot of things changed?

Cormega – As far as me being a business man, things have changed cause I see things differently now. But as far as an artist uh, things changed with the industry cause before the industry wasn’t giving me the respect that I felt that I deserved, but now the industry is starting to come around. Certain publications, they wanna do pieces on me, etc., etc. The respect from my peers is on another level right now. – How did you get involved with the 41st side compilation?

Cormega – Cause you know any project that’s involving Queens Bridge, 9 out of 10 times I’ll get on it. – Who are these new guys on this 41st side compilation?

Cormega – I mean, I don’t know all the new guys, but I really haven’t listened to it yet so I can’t really comment on it, but you know it’s hip hop. – So what’s the plan now for you?

Cormega – This what Ima do. I’m gonna bless my fans. I got labels trying to holla about the Testament album, now everybody wants The Testament album cause they see how The Realness has done within 2 months. So now peoples is tryin to holla about The Testament. I’m thinkin about puttin out The Testament, but I’m trying to do a Volume II to Tha Realness. – Now production wise, are you gonna go with the same team of producers, s the song “Get Back” from the 41st side compilation directed towards Jay – Z?

Prodigy – Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah. It’s like we don’t make response records really, you know what I’m sayin. We make our music man and we do our shit. It just naturally comes out gangsta like that. – So you guys didn’t see each other at The Source Awards?

Prodigy – Nah, what I’m trying to tell you is they didn’t show up to The Source Awards. What he did was, he took that Summer Jam when he knew we wasn’t gonna be their. He picked that as his opportunity to try and retaliate at us, you know what I’m sayin. Cause he knew we wasn’t gonna be their. Alright, so if you wanna pull off a stunt like that, why not pull it at The Source Awards where it’s gonna be televised, millions of people will see it, shit the whole world will see it. That’s where you pull that kind of stunt at, not at The Summer Jam. But if your gonna do it at The Summer Jam, then come to The Source Awards and do it to, or at least show face at The Source Awards. See that means, Jay – Z IS PUSSY! Them niggaz don’t want no kinds of drama with niggaz. They want to do just straight rap music and act like their’s beef with niggaz and that ole Krs 1 and MC Shan bullshit. That shit is bullshit to me man, cause I’m not playin with dudes man. And like I said, the statement I just made, crushes anything he could ever say or do! Cause it’s just real like that man. Why he didn’t show up to The Source awards. That’s a subject that needs to be talked about in rap music right now. Why did Jay – Z do all that shit at The Summer Jam, but he didn’t show up to The Source Awards. That’s a big thing man. I mean that’s serious and people need to look at that. Word! – So how is the new Mobb Deep album lookin?

Prodigy – It’s the same ol shit, you know what I’m sayin. Produced by Mobb Deep and Alchemist got a couple of jointz on their. That’s our new featured producer on all our albums now. The regular family is gonna be on the album. Mega, Infamous Mobb, Noyd, Bars n Hooks. – So what’s the plan for Mega now man?

Cormega – My plans is just trying to put out dope albums. I just wanna be a great artist man. I’m not in this shit for the money man. Like niggaz rap for money man. The money is gonna be their regardless. Like when they vote on the best rappers ever, I want my name to come up. I gotta out do or match Tha Realness cause I know people are gonna expect that from me from my next album, so that’s all I wanna do. – You guys ever thought about doin a Mega and Prodigy album?

Cormega – I mean I would have no problem with it, but it’s something that we would all have to talk about cause I wouldn’t want Havoc to feel any kinda ways about that. But I love workin with Prodigy man, cause that’s like my favorite rapper to do songs with. Like Mobb Deep period. I’m more comfortable with Mobb Deep, then I am with any group, as you might have noticed from any of my work. Some of my best moments was with them. I mean whatever the fans want, cause I’m really trying to give them what they want. – Do you think we will ever see a callabo with you and Nas?

Cormega – I mean, nothing is impossible, but it’s just that Nas is just so, uh, like Nas is a great poet man. He made Illmatic, so you can’t dispute that. But it’s like Nas the artist, and Nas the person are two different things. I don’t like the person that he has become and I don’t think he’s comfortable with me. I can’t really say I would ever work with him again. Like the Queensbridge project, I swallowed my pride and I worked with him. I really didn’t want to, but I did. – Yeah, because alot of people were sayin, he talks so much about Nas, but then why was he on the Queensbridge project. Nas did him a favor by puttin him on.

Cormega – He didn’t do me no favor and all the people that said that, you can tell them that Cormega’s response to them is “Suck My Dick”. Like think about it, when they made The Firm album, was their not public uproar when Cormega wasn’t on the album. So if people protested when I wasn’t on The Firm album, how in the hell! are you gonna do a Queensbridge album without puttin Cormega on it. That’s why I was on the Queensbridge album. I wasn’t on the Queensbridge album cause Nas did me a favor. He knew he had to have me on their. He really didn’t do me no favor cause I didn’t get paid. I get paid for everything I’m on. So he did me no favor at all. – So you didn’t get paid a cent for that?

Cormega – Man, I couldn’t buy a pack of cheese doodles with the money I got off of the Queensbridge album. I couldn’t buy a loose bubble gum off of Queensbridge album cause I didn’t get any. So he didn’t do me no favor. Why wouldn’t you have Cormega on the Queensbridge album. I’m one of the most famous artist from out here. So that’s the answer to that. In fact when that Queensbridge project went down, it was shady right there. My verse was 16 bars originally, and then it got cut to 8 bars. So when it got cut to 8 bars, they used a piece of my beginning 8 bars and a piece of my last 16 bars and tried to stitch it together, which didn’t sound right. So I told them, yo let me just do my 8 bars over cause my verse is short and let me just say my 8 bars. They didn’t want me to do that, so it’s like it’s always funny business. That’s why I don’t like to deal with people like him. To work with him wouldn’t be to my benefit cause I don’t need him and I proved that by puttin out Tha Realness without him. He needs me more then I need him. Him doing something with me would help his credibility. Like the song I did, the response to “Illmatic”, that’s nothing. I did that just to respond to his song. He knows me better then alot of people. I’m waitin for him to respond cause every time he responds, I’m gonna respond harder. It’s like how far are you willing to take it, how far are you willing to go. How many rhymes do you have? Like. I have over 30 rap books, so how far can you go. I can go on for days. It’s nothing. How far can you go and how good is you credibility if I start sayin certain shit. You can only create shit, but I can say true shit that’s gonna have you lookin like a clown. Like in my shit, I wasn’t dissin him, I was sayin facts. 6 albums out and your mans is still needin. That’s a shame, you know what I’m sayin. I didn’t make that up. But I can’t see myself workin with him cause I only work with a chosen few. I work with artists I respect, and I don’t respect him as an artist. I respect him for what he has done in the past. Let me be honest with you, when I used to hear Nas songs, I used to have to rewind it cause it was so incredible to me. I don’t even listen to his shit no more. I can’t name the songs that was on his last two albums. I don’t own his last two albums. When he’s on mixtapes, I don’t listen to the song, I forward the song. And it’s not from dislike. I just forward songs I don’t feel by any artist. – It’s too bad that shit happens like this, because you guys can make so much more money workin together?

Cormega – Exactly. Put it like this. If Queensbridge was strong, their wouldn’t be no room for other artists to try to verbally assault Queensbridge. – So what’s the deal with you and Tragedy?

Cormega – I recently heard on the internet that somebody said I dissed Tragedy. That was bullshit! You know what I don’t like sometimes about the industry and the media, they over analyze shit. Tragedy knows he’s my man, I just spoke to him recently. I was real mad when I seen that shit on the internet. Just like on my album, I wasn’t dissin Nas on half of those songs. The song called “You don’t want it”, I’m talkin about a drug dealer. It’s like real street shit I’m talkin about. People are like “yeah, he’s talkin about Nas”, man shut the fuck up. Like on the last verse, I said something about the guys dickrydin. It’s like Nas has never been a dickryda. No matter what I have ever thought about him as an artist or a person, he’s never been a dickryda. So it’s like sometimes people over analyze shit and they look for shit that’s not really their. I never dissed Tragedy cause that’s my man! We recently spoke and he wanted to do some new shit with me, so when we get some time, we might do some new shit. Oh! and tell L.A. that I’m in love with L.A., cause L.A. bought almost as many records as New York last week and that’s unheard of. – How you feel about Mega’s album Prodigy?

Prodigy – A man, I’m real proud of Dunn, you know what I’m sayin. It’s gangsta man. He made a hot ass album, the shit is ill man, word. I bang that shit in my car everyday. I got it in their right now. – How you doin right now with the Sickle Cell and all?

Prodigy – I’m doing good, you know what I’m sayin. I’m hangin in their. I changed my diet, so it really don’t affect me like it used to. I just do me man. I’m just feelin real good and strong and healthy. Doing this music, stickin to our Formula. The thing about the Mobb Deep albums is things get better with time. I ain’t tryin to like be braggin and shit, but we just get better with time and that’s just simply how it is. We get better with time. The music, the beats, the production, the lyrics. We definitely droppin soon and it’s gonna be crazy man. All the bullshit that’s floating around, we crushin everything man, we crushin everything! I don’t even know why dudes gonna do it to they self. – Do you think what Jay – Z is doin is helpin you as far as publicity goes?

Prodigy – I mean, any publicity is good publicity. I heard that one before and it’s definitely true, but we don’t look at it like that. We do us. We ain’t concerned with what Jay – Z do or what anybody does. Were not concerned with anybody else’s album. we don’t run around listening to peoples albums and say “alright, this is how we gotta do our shit”. We don’t even give a fuck about nobodies album. We don’t even care. – Did you listen to “The Takeover” track Jay did?

Prodigy – The Takeover. Yeah I heard that shit. – What did you think of that track when you heard it?

Prodigy – I mean it sounds good, but like I said it just sounds good. Mobb Deep feels good! Basically their all talk. They sound good, we feel good (laughs). – So if you guys were to run into each other on the streets, would everything be cool?

Prodigy – Hopefully. I don’t wanna see no harm happen to anybody man. – What are you feelings on Buck of Hot 97 gettin fired?

Prodigy – Fuck Buck! I’ll slap the shit out that nigga! – You guys had a problem once on Hot 97 right?

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  1. jhulan says:

    My two favorite rappers cormega and prodigy. Nas is whack. N jay z is whack. Like mega said I don’t have any of nas’ last couple CDs. Nor any jay z shit.

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